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Guidelines: Used Parts For Sale

Used Parts Only

Listing Must Contain

  • Country abbreviation and location
  • Price in US dollars
  • At least one photo is mandatory and if it’s a cat or something, say goodbye to your post. Can quote price and OBO if you wish

Be ready to supply shipping quotes because you will be asked.


  • Best offer without price
  • Posting of your item in another person’s post
  • Listing PayPal and “first one that pays me” madness
  • Payment by Paypal Friends and Family


(US) OSRR remote. Finger hole. $250 OBO. Kept by Sean Hacker in his prison wallet for a short time.


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We uploaded a template that will auto populate an approved format on all new topics opened in this category. The goal is to avoid missing obvious items that would cause a topic to be locked and slow down sales.

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