[USA ] Trampa single motor 6374 75$?

Hi everyone, Im helping @bourbon_norm part out his builds. He’s not leaving the game, just sticking to a single board. If you have any questions about the usage, it maybe helpful to ask him and tag me, since he knows more about the condition of the items.

I’ll be facilitating pricing, taking orders and handling shipping, so if you want something hmu. Pricing is of coarse OBO as usual. The lots are all together for now. but if you want me to part it down further just say so and if it becomes feasible to sell the rest then I will.
shipping most everything USPS flatrate, except the batteries

@bourbon_norm please let me know if you see any incorrect descriptions.


Lot 1
Description: MINT Century 40 + Eboosted enclosure + LHB 10s5p 30Q
Price (USD): $350 SOLD ( $50 for Battery still available!)

Lot 1

The deck is basically new, raw CF on either side. really it’s the deck and enclosure you’re buying, the battery is one step above a fire hazard. The enclosure is used but in good shape. Eboosted enclosure. single stack. Hard to find deck, not super keen on dropping the price.

The battery is LHB build (so probably 30Q? not sure) and has good build quality.
but 10s5P and LOTS of miles. Also, Mike had to remove the battery and pull on some adhesive so you may want to check inside before you use it. Of course, you don’t have to take the batt, but I can’t really sell it by itself so it’s in this lot.

Lot 2
Description: MINT Landyachtz Switchblade Barracuda Sender Deck + Eboosted enclosure + LHB 12s4p 40T BNIB
Price (USD): $750 SOLD!

Lot 2

This one was going to replace the broken shark board. cost nearly a grand new. I mean, just look at it… Battery is unused, enclosure is brand new

Lot 1 or 2 get choice of hardware:

Description: Trampa MTB Complete (Almost MINT)
Price (USD): $1900

Lot 3

This one is the whole package. Original purchased from here:
[US-TX] Trampa Urban Belt Drive (2x VESC, 2x 6374 160KV)
largely unridden since

Description:Avio Complete Gear Drive Train on Bergs
Price (USD): $600

Lot 4

Had a hard time pricing this one. I’ll take the motors off If you don’t want em, and drop the price to $850. The gear drives are unused. the kahuas are slightly used.
2 spare tires and 4 spare tubes
190Kv 6374 motors from haggyboards

**LOT 5 **
Description: Everything else

6355 drivetrain
Lot Price (USD): $300 sold!

Unused Early Focbox Unity, back when they had QC
Price (USD): $200 SOLD

Unused Stormcore 60D
Price (USD): $250 sold


Hoyt Puck BambooPrice (USD): $100 Sold

Pair of TB 4.12 ESCs
Price (USD): $85


Thiq Aluminumnumnum risers by Anshul
Price (USD): $25 Sold

Price (USD): $30 sold

Flipsky anti spark
Price (USD): $35 SOLD

Tire sets
Price (USD): $60 for trampa (4 tires, 8 tubes) , $50(sold) for TBs (four tires, 4 tubes), 40(sold) for Evolve (4 tires, no tubes) all SOLD

Mini: $20 sold

Price (USD): $10 pair (have 4)

:X-things Pics

Pair of TB 4.12 ESCs
Price (USD): $80

TB ESC pics

Price (USD) : $20 for 10s 4a , $30 for 12s 4a

Charger Pics

Trampa MTB Complete (Almost MINT)
Price (USD): $1700

Trampa pics

This one is the whole package. Original purchased from here:
[US-TX] Trampa Urban Belt Drive (2x VESC, 2x 6374 160KV)
largely unridden since


I’ll take the bamboo puck


What’s the price for Lot 2?
Also that’s a LY switchblade, not a redember, lol

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is it?
@bourbon_norm can you confirm ? or anyone else lol


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Man, wish I lived in the states to snag that deal.
Barracuda is just the name of a shark. I own 4 switchblades, I would know :laughing:


its definitely a fish haha and its just the name of the deck because of the senderized theme

Pretty sure its the remember 44" deck:

My mom is flying to Germany in a couple of weeks, what do you want? if it’s small we can stow it in her luggage and she can send it out then. I can also ship internationally

Is it possible to snag just the Century + enclosure? Is shipping to EU cool btw?

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It’s cool if you pay haha.

And yeah. That battery should be recycled anyway.

Pm me with address and I’ll get a quote

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Dibs on deck and enclosure


If you part out those 2 6355. Lmk a price.

He said it first, lets see if he likes the shipping to Sweden… Youre next

Man, I wouldn’t mind having that century. Just got a ton of other tech toys, idk if I have budget, but…CENTURY :heart_eyes:

:round_pushpin:Ventura :wink:

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Also, these are aluminum. Just mucho thiccc


Unless it’s been modified it doesn’t look anything like that RedEmber deck - rounded ends, no cut outs along the side rails

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duh haha sorry, There was soo much stuff towards the end I stopped thinking haha


ok, ill swap the description.
Thanks for verifying. I apologize @rusins I wasn’t really looking :see_no_evil:


I’d take these if willing to part from drive. Understandable if not.


you want spare berg tubes/tires? ok Ill make a note, lets see how it goes

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Thank you

I’ll take the TB tires/tubes and evolve 175s