[US-TX] Trampa Urban Belt Drive (2x VESC, 2x 6374 160KV)

Hello everyone!

I have a 4 month old Trampa board that I am wanting to sell. The parts list is in the last photo. Has the Trampa Wand remote, charger, and the travel bag for the board. Loved it but want to buy a one wheel and I don’t need two different all terrain electric boards sitting around.

Batteries are two Turnigy 20000mah Batteries

I am asking $2100 for it shipped in the US from Texas.


Impressive edit time is all I will say…

Hahaha I was like damn that ain’t the board!


why a one-wheel though? that’s the question ;(

Just fits into my life more than this board honestly




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get it

Interested in trading for a low mileage XR with a bunch of extras? 3 tires (original Vega in near new shape, treaded Burris (currently installed), and a brand new FF Hoosier Terrain 2 (the newest one)), traction tech with a Viper rear pad (still have original), have some float plates (not currently on it). Could replace the traction tech with new grip if desired however, I like the cushion though.

It’s not blemish free however, I ride it, and stopped using the float plates because they limited clearance. I’m in a mountainous area and ride it with nose elevation to the max for hill climbing clearance. Plenty of light scratches but no damage and mechanically perfect. Less than 500 miles (I’ll have to check, think it’s around 300 on this one).

I can also get a good deal on any new replacement parts, without having to go through Future Motion.

Pretty sure it’s sold to @bourbon_norm

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Cool, probably for the best, love my XR for totally different reasons and would end up having to replace it. Cheers bro!