US/WTB EMTB battery case/box

Looking for a battery box or suggestions for mountain board that can hold about a 12s6p 40T

Amazon pelican cases are your best bet. And the standard. Otherwise I’ve always been partial to the trampa boxes.

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Underwater Kinetics is a good alternative to Peli.

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Make your own from fibreglass :ok_hand:


Google / ebay / amazon the term “diy junction box”


Seahorse case on Amazon cheaper than a pelican…

And if u want to see cell cells in a case for reference


+1 on the seahorse. I used the 300 series.“300&qid=1590479090&sr=8-1&th=1

I personally used the orange one to go with a silly colored theme.

On build here:

With some mods to the case here: