Top mounting cases idea... 2 small vs 1 large

So i have this idea for a future-future build… currently making a super low rider 107 on a 1.5" drop deck so that means not mounting below, so for this Ill be using the apache 1800 which is a perfect size for a simple build… can easily fit 60 cells and perhaps more if you get your geometry skills on…but the the bigger the battery the less space for electronics especially if you want hard wired lights and other fun stuff…

heres how the box looks now…small, discreet and doesnt take up to much deck space

Now my future idea is an 8" super budget mtn board…possibly 4wd…Uncertain of deck currently but regardless starting at 2wd hoping for 4wd and wanting some ok range will require a bigger battery… a 12s6p will be my minimum, and if youre reading my other thread about the littokala 21700s we also know THAT cell consumes way more space (if I even wanted to go that route)…

so the options are a larger case… but the next size up from the 1800 is a 2800… which is fucking obnoxious huge, kills deck space, and if you even tried to mount it the other way the sides would be hanging off the board and that looks stupid as well…

both stacked so you can visualize size diff…

so here comes the DIY thinker in me…what if…what if… there was a way to maintain the small profile of the 1800 but double its space with only a smaller amount of vertical space consumption??

if you stand the box on its side its only half the deck width… but we still need access at some point in time right??

so what if…what if…lol… you have 2 boxes with top lid facing inward… and then my idea is to have a hinge of some sort attached to the bottom of the case and deck of the board…that way when you need to open the cases they lay flat just off the edge like so…

obviously we could easily just forego the hinges all together and just velcro the shit out of the boxes and have a strap the wraps under the deck and back round the top, which I would be using some sort of strap anyways… but I guess part of me wants the cases secured to the deck with hardware to prevent anything…anything…

what are your thoughts??


Carry it like a briefcase. Handcuff it to your wrist, wear teardrop aviators and touch your ear every 3 mins.

I appreciate that my opinions here are worthless and I hope you find a real solution that doesn’t involve someone who loves attention (Got you @BillGordon :+1:t3:)


I’m imagining your idea but butterfly door style

and loving it.

You could also do a pc cover style shape (upside down, squared “U”) that slides over the case/cases.

Do ittttt

1 case is less holes than 2 cases. So less things to go wrong

i dont disagree but if there was a box size in between the 2 it would be perfect… but theres not and the medium is just too large

If only…

This is a hypothetical 12s13p and a unity in this case I designed and never made.



can’t convince ya but here’s some inspo


Def looking.for ideas as well for routing the wires to the box…similar to yours running an down the side as I dont want wires near my some people have… But the drop in my deck complicates it some =/

Was trying to brainstorm creatively how to run the wires through some small conduit tube for extra protection but havent polished that one out yet lol

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Looks good… If the box still fits turned the other way looks like your get a hair more foot space

Hummie deck? Or a.nice cheap off brand?

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It’s actually a sector nine deck I sanded paint from the bottom. Had it since 2013. I could fit it the other way but I feel more comfortable with it sitting like that. The whole case sits directly on the board that way, if I had it the other way, only half the box would be sitting on the deck

Why not a trampa monster box? They say they hold up to a 12s8/9p I believe, has spot for mounting two vecs and a battery meter. Not sure on the exact dimensions but I’m sure that’s easily obtainable.

Trying to keep the footprint as small as possible… Just bought more cells for a 12s6p build so whatever space I need just needs to fit that and electronics … Will shop around more later…

i think i found a good solution…ordered a box off amazon called seahorse… is like a perfect medium size between the 1800 and 2800…

still plenty of foot space and possibly ok with mounting it width wise… will post a few pics later with batteries for public reference and future searches =)


I like mine on the back… edit (months later)
Putting it on the back caused extreme speed wobbles. Danger will robinson danger!

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I like mine perfectly centered :stuck_out_tongue:

this shit works wonders for what you want


Yeah.def.cleaner… Whats it.called that u have the wires thru?