My R&D efforts led to a big pile of parts I won’t be needing anymore.
Price is without shipping, PM with zip code for shipping.
Payment through PayPal G&S, will send an invoice.
No dibs. Dibs sucks.
Will add more stuff as I work my way thru. :sweat_smile:


**SOLD** Boardnamics SR 10-8 axles - $20

**SOLD** 12s8p NESE kit 18650 - $70

x66 free 30Q cells with purchase, about 50 cycles on them.

**SOLD** Maytech 6365 motors x2 - $80

Got them used on a drivetrain, too wide to fit on my build so can’t use them.
Serviced and tested - cleaned the insides, oiled the bearings, conformal coat on sensor pcb, repined shafts with socket head screws.
Bullets are 3.5mm I think.

**SOLD** Flipsky antispark (smart) - $20

No heatshrink.

**SOLD** Psychotiller TKP mounts - $15

**SOLD** Sunmate 150x50 tires+tubes x8 - $100

Brand new. No longer have a pnum board so don’t need them.
Fit all the standard 3.75 hubs; will not fit bergs or clever hubs.
Don’t ask how they ride because I don’t know xD
Seems like the same OEM that makes metro155 tires.

**SOLD** Trampa 6376 160kv motors x2 - 180$

Used for about 100 miles.
They are about 91mm long, not 76.
With filters/screws/keys/wire extensions

**SOLD** 3D Servisas ECO v2 geardrives + 3.75" hubs + 260mm hangers - $400

Has both 3.5 and 4.2 ratio pinion sets.
Hangers are 260. Small drill hole in one of them.
Tub of grease + bumpers.
3.75 hubs, fit pretty much all tires except bergs and clevers.
No baseplates included.

**SOLD** Riptide bushings - $30

APS formula, some are used.
Duros and shapes in the photo.

**SOLD** Maytech 6396 170kv motor x1 - $50

Miliput on the wire exits
Can include a second one with a bad bearing and sensor :rofl:
These run hot lol

**SOLD** 3D Servisas Fatboy SS Helical Gear Drives - $480

This config:

260mm hangers.
Plus 2.6:1 8mm motor shaft motor pinions and 3:1 10mm shaft motor pinions.
Grease + spare bumpers.
Around 200 miles on them.

One grub screw on the clamp was stripped so had to drill it out.

**SOLD** 3D Servisas Eco V1 geardrives + TB6380 170kv + bergs - $360

Complete drivetrain, just add baseplates.
3.5:1 ratio
Couple thousand miles on them, no visible wear on gears.
Two spare tires and lots of tubes.
240mm hangers.
Tubes on the drives are slimed.

**SOLD** 3D Servisas Adjustabe Baseplates x2 - $100

Riptide pivots and 90A Krank barrels.
93A+96A Krank Chubby for the speedy zooms.

**SOLD** Trampa Wand - $100

With NRF transceiver and 3d printed TPU case
Got rechargeable AAA batteries for a few extra $

**SOLD** Randal baseplates - $35

pair of 42 degree and a pair of 35
one set with riptide pivots and “aircraft” kingpin bolts

**SOLD** Trampa VESC6+ - $120

can add flispky antispark if needed

**SOLD** Metroboards 155mm tires 2 sets - $140

One set brand new, one set lightly used with slime.

**SOLD** Trampa VESC6+ blown DRV - $30

No idea if it’s fixable

**SOLD** TB6380 190kv motors x2 - $190

low miles, MR60 connectors
sensors adapters + keys
shafts slightly cut, around 28mm length

**SOLD** Senderized Evo40 deck + eBoosted DS enclosure - $300

5.5x2.1 charge port in the front
MR60 panel mount things in the back

**SOLD** Lazyrolling Performance Hoodie - Size M - $120

With all pads. Get yours without having to wait 3 months. :rofl:
Labeled as medium but fits smaller.
For reference, I’m 6’3 185lbs and it’s tight, you have to be smaller.

**SOLD** TSG DHP Kneepads Size L - $80

Never used.

**SOLD** Trampa Urban Treads /w tubes x8 - $120

One lightly used set with slime, the other one is new.

**SOLD** Trampa Wand Pistol Grip /w Triggers - $35

Basically this and this

**SOLD** Rogers Bros. & Riptide Footstops - $25

All 3 for 30, no splitting.

**SOLD** Moonshine Sidekick + eBoosted DS enclosure - $180

Deck ridden for a few weeks. Enclosure with a rubber gasket and mounting hardware; never mounted/drilled.

**SOLD** Caliber & e-Caliber hangers - $25

One cal+ecal set used for about 300 miles, ecal looks a little bent. The other set mounted and ridden only once.

**SOLD** Subsonic Spirit 30 Deck - $70

One of a kind #43 deck with green-ish stain on top. Has holes drilled in the middle.

**SOLD** Enertion-style motor mounts x2 - $50

Bought from eskate-tech. The 2 piece clamps have different bolts on each side, M4 and M5 I believe.
They were filed a little close to the motor.

**SOLD** Lush Machine 3D Deck - $80

Used a couple times.

**SOLD** Subsonic Century + eBoosted enclosure - $160

Deck is stained black all around.
I rushed the enclosure drilling/inserts, so not the cleanest result, extra epoxy on the griptape to increase speed and torque. :sweat_smile:
Charge port and GX20 balancing port in the front and a button on the side, all holes are populated to keep them plugged; that’s what she said.
Tail is drilled a bit further back for motor mount clearance.

**SOLD** BKB pressfit 44T ABEC pulleys x2 - $45

These have flanged (F608) bearings instead of the original ones. One of the pulleys kept coming out and got scratched.
They work fine with the flanged bearings but require extended axles, like TB218 or e-calibers.

**SOLD** Venom barrel bushings x10 - $10

**SOLD** Lots of belts - $20

Most are 11-12mm wide.

255, 260, 265, 270, 280, 285, 300, 305, 310, 320, 345

**SOLD** Dickyho 6x2 tires & tubes - $30

Used once.

**SOLD** Moon Begmeister 47T pulleys x2 - $45

Ridden for about 100 miles.

**SOLD** 15T 16T 18T motor pulleys - $30

15 and 16 are dickyho, 18 is TB.
All three are steel, 15mm wide and 3x3 keyway.

**SOLD** 12s4p NESE kit - $80

x5 4p+4p modules
x1 2s4p module

Comes with everything for a complete battery except cells.
Bus bars, 2 discharge crimp lugs, 13 small balance crimp lugs, TPU bolt caps.

**SOLD** 3dservisas Fatboy 230 Hangers x2 - $100

Ridden a couple times.

**SOLD** Abec11 107mm Wheels - $60

Light wear, not chunked, probably around 200-300 miles on them.

**SOLD** 44+50 caliber baseplates - $10

Stock pivot cups and random bushings

**SOLD** 44+50 caliber baseplates - riptide pivots - $15

Riptide pivots, not sure what these bushings are.

**SOLD** Boardnamics caliber mounts with idlers x2 - $40

Never used. 2 piece non-precision clamps.

**SOLD** TB6355 190KV motors x2 - $120

About 100 miles on them.

**SOLD** 3dservisas kegel 36T pulleys x2 - $50

15mm width.

**SOLD** Orangatang 85mm Caguama 77a - $40

A couple superglued spots.

**SOLD** TB218 Hangers x2 - $25

**SOLD** Freebord S2 bindings - $50

Used once.


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