[US] Small Universal Enclosures

Small Universal Enclosure
Description: This Kydex enclosure can be used for a multitude of small boards. Perfect for dinghys and cruisers to make electric. Fits a 18650 10s2p battery and a dual 4.20+ Fesc or Unity.
Outside dimensions: 12”L x 8.5”W x 1.9”H
Price (USD): $79.99
Includes Free shipping(US Only) and Fair Game Warranty

–You can order at our website below –

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What are these enclosures made of?

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  • What are they made of?
  • Do they come with any mounting hardware?
  • Do they come with any sort of seal?
  • Is this a flat bottom enclosure? (need more photos)
  • Is the interior painted or raw?

Linking to your website is not sufficient


Hey, its made out Kydex and its just the enclosure itself. We have a build log if you want to check it out here on the forum.

Well, again, if you’re going to post an official sale thread, you’ll get more interest with plenty of photos and information.

It’s customary to include everything in one thread.

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TBF there’s no sensible way to know what’s “customary” here, it seems no matter what some people do, it’s wrong, even though the “right way” isn’t outlined anywhere.

Give people a break.


I agree, which is also part of the reason why this is posted late at night. I made this really just to sell our remaining stock.


Very pretty enclosures. I wonder if they’ll fit a Bonsai Mini. Will have to measure it out.

It is completely outlined at the top of the forum.


That’s the rules, not the social conventions.

Ive been on the forums pretty much since it was pushed when builders website was on its downward spiral.The social conventions hasn’t changed to much with community members, just the interaction with sellers on the forums has changed (From what Ive noticed from lurking for years). Since many vendors has shown up and then disappeared over the years there was a shift in trust to where you cant sell anything on here as a vendor without sending the “insert product” to a member for testing and review. Then the whole preorder issue that was popping up and “insert product” wasn’t being shipped on time and/or arriving broken. Im sure there is a thread on here that goes over what went on in the community and its also part of the reason why I have a whole separate build log on the enclosures and haven’t taken any preorders. I know this is off topic to the sales thread so admin if u can move this to derail jail or wherever that would appreciated.

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Unrelated to this thread

Customary here is what most would expect when they see a sale somewhere else.

Would you rather buy from someone who doesn’t show the product and doesn’t list a price or someone that has both. Why make the potential customer ask for stuff. I believe it should be common sense to show people what they’re buying and what it’ll cost.

It is outlined by the fact that you get a template shoved in your face when you want to sell something. We also have the sales guidelines of requirements. There is clearly a way to do it right that has worked for years.


You need to stop speaking for others/generalize if that’s not what they think.

It is your topic, you can off topic as much as you want.

I can’t agree with this. It is a very small percentage of vendors that get asked [not forced] to provide samples. It is mostly the ones that either go against a expected “norm” with their product or the ones have only the highest praises about the product and can’t stop rubbing themselves. In those case it has been that they were asked to provide a sample to confirm their product works on our stuff or the seller isn’t full of shit.

I can’t remember a single vendor that has been denied the sales because he didn’t send out samples.

On that note, let me known if you want me to clear up this thread. @Deaf_Tech


Yeah it’s an enclosure. Just post a video of you beating one to shit to show it’s durability and we’ll be good /s

Ok this can be sent to derail jail too


Might be sarcastic but it’s true. Show me a video of an enclosure surviving a gunshot, and I’m buying that enclosure, no questions asked.


I don’t think kydex can survive a gun shot :joy:
Maybe with some kevlar

True, I cant either. There was a vocal minority that was adamant that the only way a vendor could sell on here was to send out samples. That was what I was referencing.

As for the thread we can leave it for now. I have to go run over an enclosure with my car. And find a way to shoot it.


Correct me if I’m wrong, but haven’t thermoformed ABS and Kydex enclosures largely replaced by fiberglass or carbon fiber enclosures because the former tend to crack around the bolt holes?

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Great looking enclosures!

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ABS is brittle hard plastic which is why it cant take impact and is susceptible to cracked holes. Kydex on the other hand is different, it will deform and can retain its form. Very extreme case but below is a video of our imperfect batch enclosure being ran over by a car. It did not crack but deformed and can be popped back. In any case we do have a warranty that covers if you somehow manage to break one of our enclosures we will ship you another one for free.

I don’t know if the video works its a mp4 format, so let me know if it doesn’t load.