Upgrading esk8 battery.

I have an acton blink S and it gets HORRIBLE range. I mean HORRIBLE. 3-4 miles MAX. I am looking to build a new pack for it.

Here are the requirements for the pack:

6-8 miles of range
36 volts
Fits in the standard compartment

I am wondering if you guys can help me decide on the cells and which tools I need. I already have a soldering iron. Keep in mind that I am a first timer.

Any help/advice would be appreciated!

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This is likely ebike jive. It’s probably a 42 volt 10S pack.

It says 36V on the outside of the pack.

You can’t solder a battery; it has to be welded or use something like NESE cell holders.

It’s highly recommended to buy one, what country are you in?

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To build a pack you’re gonna need a spot welder, a lot of patience, and some brain cells.


It’s a lie. Charge it and then put a multimeter on it. Bet it says 42V.

I am in there US

first off, what is this standard compartment size?

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Are you just in the US or somewhere like NYC or LA/SoCal or Chicago?

Shipping batteries is better avoided, but possible if it’s not international.

I am in the bay area

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@Skyart is a great battery builder in Oakland.

I bet if you contact them, they can hook you up.

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I was looking to build the pack myself, just to give it a try.

That’s not recommended. You will probably spend a few months and many hundreds on tools just to make one battery, not including the cost of that battery itself. Plus it’s not an easy task to make a SAFE battery. It’s easy to make a bomb by accident.


If you want to anyway, read this thread:

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I was also considering taking smaller packs a wiring them up in series. For example 2, 5s battery’s put in series. How many Ah do you think the pack would need to get 6 ish miles of range?

5Ah (= 5000mAh) at 10S (42V)

But if you use the cheapest 5000mAh 5S lipos you can find you might have bad results as they can just puff and die, possibly in a spectacular fire.

You need to get ones with a high enough C rating. Higher the better, and most of the C numbers are exaggerated or straight-up lies, but above 50C or 100C would be best. It’s hard to know for sure since accurate numbers are hard to come by.

And I also recommend a BMS for them

Yep, I know. I have and use hobby grade rc’s with the same lipo’s, so I know the safety. I have experienced puffing before.

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Do you think these would work well in the board?

This is five 2S lipos, but the process for two 5S lipos would be similar.

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