[UK][Europe] CHEAP Caliber - Motor Mounts £20

All parts are used. Prices do not include delivery. UK or Europe. Paypal. UK delivery estimated between £3-7.00.

Motor Mounts:
A pair of long AT style Dickho Mounts Caliber style trucks, these come with optional idlers and 3D printed motor covers. These are made from strong metal and do not bend. One of the mounts is slightly deformed from an impact but does not cause a problem (see circle in pic), can use another hole for bolt or hammer straight. NOW £20 was £25


Anti Spark Switch Mosfet style with LED pushbutton, It’s rated up to 13S (56V) up to 120Amps. NOW £20

Trucks TB218 and Caliber:
Selling as bundle only. Baseplates are NEW from Boardnamics Split angle 45 and 50 degree. They have been machined with a grub screw to fix the issue some people were having. The base plates come with 2 options for hangars: Caliber 2-185mm and TourqueBoard-218mm. The hangers are used but the baseplates are brand new and come with RipTide pivot cups. Only 1 set of bushings you can adjust to your own needs. You can use 6355 motors or 6374 motors just swop out the hangar. All types of Caliber style mounts fit these trucks £60 -----SOLD----

97mm ABEC Flywheel Clones used but no chunking. £18 -----SOLD----

1 x Flipsky 6355 190KV Sensored with 15t pulleys - good working order, only one motor other motor sold £40. -----SOLD------

Mounts: A pair of short style Dickyho Mounts for Caliber style trucks with two types of idler bearings. I used these for a while until I needed longer versions. £22 ----SOLD----

2 x Maytech 6374 170KV Sealed and Sensored (1 motor is excellent condition other motor is broken, magnets broke in an impact, both have had about 60 miles only and have 15t steel pulleys already attached) £80 for both or £70 for the working motor. ----SOLD-----

1 x Flipsky 6355 190KV Sensored with 15t pulleys with Loose can -----SOLD----

2 x Racerstar/ Evolve 5065 (1 working other has a loose can) £15 both. -----SOLD----

A pair of ABEC style 36t wheel pulleys, 17mm wide HTD5 with push fit wide bearings. The bearing slots into the pulley and the wheel giving perfect alignment. £28 both —SOLD—

Flipsky 4.12 FSEC, used for 3 rides only £30 —SOLD—


I dont supposed you’d want to sell some of the motor pulleys separately?

Got the fsecs


No they are attached nicely to the motors but if they don’t sell I will take them off.


SOLD Flipsky ESC to @Halbj613


Dibs for the short dickyho’s and the pulleys.

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SOLD Pulleys and Short Mounts to @KickMe


I’m interested in the Maytech 6374 motors.

Im interested in wheels and the good flipsky 6355 motor.

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I’ll take all the broken motors and the racestars.


I will send you a message.

Send me a message, for some reason I can’t send you one.

Maytech motors SOLD to @bollen

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1 flipsky and 2 evolve motors sold to @MauveMaverick

Interested in the anti-spark.

Do you have a picture of it? And dimensions? Who made it? And what voltage/current limits does it have?

Edit: Dibs retracted. Won’t work for my build

I’ve added a picture to the first post. It was from electricskateboard.repair

It’s rated up to 13S (56V) up to 120Amps. I used it with LiPos and it works fine, nice LED too. But you have to follow the instructions for wiring otherwise you will blow the switch.

PCB Dimensions: 49mm*25mm a little bit popping out for the conector
Push-button: Ø18mm (Ø16mm hole, Ø13.5mm button)

I am would like to buy the wheels and the flipsky 6355 motor if they are still available. You just have to tell me your PayPal so I can pay you.

Sorry about the typo

Send me a message

SOLD 1 Flipsky motor and wheels to @duobat