UK bajaboard owners

Any bajaboard owners in the UK, I know the s2 is getting popular over here, not test ridden one yet but they look cool.
I currently own a g4x which I’ve had for a while now, not an every day machine but I love it, I’ve bought and sold a few boards but the baja is something I can’t let go off, an insane beast.


What’s the gauge on this? They sold 5? :sweat_smile:

Have you ridden a solid offroad esk8 DIY out of interest?


Have you?


I have not!

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One day you’re young and cool, maybe even dangerous. Then the next you’re reading amazon reviews for birdseed.


I’m on the Facebook owners group and they’ve sold a lot lol I’ve got a trampa pro belt too, still not diy but I’m planning on building one soon, why did you ask?

I’m maybe coming at ya in summer…

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That went off topic quick hahaha

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I’ve never ridden a Baja, interested in the comparison. I’ve read people talk about the difference here.


The Baja is cool, it’s a fun ride, but requires wayyyyyyy too much maintenance for my liking. I sold my g4x pretty happily when I needed some quick cash. And my life is better for it :joy:

If you already have the g4x, don’t bother with the s2. Clearance sucks with the 8 inch wheels and makes any sort of off-roading pretty much impossible without doing damage, and the s2 on the 10 inch wheels sucks for torque, which you need for off road.

That puts the S2 in a solely on-road category in which case your money would be better spent on a kaly or lacroix in my opinion.

Edit: i’ve spent a good amount of time on the g4x, s2, trampa mtb, kaly 2 and prototipo… not a great deal of time on the nazare but enough to get a feel for it.

By far the Kaly is the best of the bunch for on-road. Super responsive, fast, the deck is to die for… the only thing that lets it down is the remote. But that’s an easy fix.


got it, Kaly is best for on road.
what’s your pick for off road? i appreciate “off road” can be wildly varied terrain so assume rolling wilderness environment piloted by indecisive birdseed aficionados who need to stop quickly and snap pictures of envious mushrooms.

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Holy shit that was brutal


G4x sounds like a good choice for that scenario, you have torque on tap and incredible braking power. But with great power comes great responsibility, you WILL break shit, and your board WILL spend a large percentage of it’s life on the bench and not the trails.

But for an all round off-road board, Trampa would win hands down. It’s a lot lighter, way less moving parts to break, can use it for jumps, and best of all, you can customize/tweak it fairly easily with aftermarket parts.


I don’t think I’d personally take it on really rough tracks, the weight will put a lot of stress on parts, it’s built to last and pretty easy to work on and you’re right, I own a trampa and I’d probably take it anywhere, light enough to jump with, great all rounder but the power and torque on the baja is something hard to experience on another board imo

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No… just no…

The baja is not easy to work on and it is not built to last. Trust me, I rebuilt my g4x more times than I wish to remember.

The S2 is not much better. Sure, there are less parts that can break compared to the g4 models, but be assured they break just as often.

Its plenty easy to experience equivalent power and torque on other boards. Just put 4 motors, a decent battery and some vescs on pretty much any other board… there is no secret sauce, there is nothing special about the Baja power wise that can’t be easily achieved on a DIY.

You can praise them all you like, but unless you are just a soccer mum cruising the pavement and the occasional gravel track, the Baja in any shape is not going to last.



I’ve had mine apart a few times, I’ve never struggled to change belts etc guess everyone’s different on skill level etc and I’m not saying you ain’t skilled or anything lol.

I’ve had mine for over a year and it still brings a smile to my face which is the main thing, cost me less then it would to build myself a decent board, it’s the only board I’d trust my kids with, set the power to 20 percent and I leave them to it.

Battle scars :joy::+1:t3:

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You can do that also on vesc-based board pretty easily with profiles. Speed and power are independent parameters.

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It’s not that I struggled with it or lacked skill, but seriously dude, who wants to dismantle a whole steering and suspension assembly to change a belt!?

Especially when said belt breaks nearly every ride!

As for trustjng your kids with it… i guess at slower speeds it should be fine… but I have had quite a few remote connection issues, bms cutouts for no reason, interference in city areas… etc… just be careful how much trust you put in it bro, i didn’t trust mine as far as I could kick it.

If it makes you happy that’s great, but I think that other people deserve to hear the truth before they go and spend a big chunk of money on an expensive toy that breaks a lot :joy:

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