Trampa wheels on Boardnamics 270 Hangers

Hi everyone,

I bought a set of @Boardnamics 270 Hangers that I was planning on using with @Trampa Superstars but seem to have run into an issue and want to know the communities opinion before I go and buy the wrong parts. The issue is that the Boardnamics hangers have stepped axles and I think they wont work with the Trampa support bearing conversion spacers I planned to use. I’m also having a hard time finding exact dimensions of various parts on the Trampa website and that isn’t making this any easier.

Here’s a picture of the axles including measurements for reference.

I’ve thought of the following options:

  1. Run Trampa OFF Set Spoke Support Bearing Conversion Spacers but flipped so that the bearings are on the outside, not sure if this will fit and am worried about shearing loads on the outside of the axle.

  2. Run CENTRE Set Spoke Support Bearing Conversion Spacers and replace the inner bearing with a 22x10mm (61900) bearing so it can sit flush against the hanger.

  3. Skip the conversion spacers all together and run a 8x28mm (638) bearing on the outside and a 10x28mm (16100) bearing on the inside. Spacers wont be an issue because I can machine appropriate ones on my lathe.

Trampa’s 66 TOOTH SLAVE PULLEY will be used on the rear wheels and I’m using Boardnamics Caliber II Motor Mount with Idler Tensioner

Let me know what you guys think, thanks in advance!

would be interested to see this working

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I will be running MBS Rockstar II hubs on BN270 hangars, what you wanna do is buy 10mm shoulder bolts with M8 threads for the axles and a pack of 16100-2RS bearings (28mm OD * 10mm ID * 8mm width)


My axles have already been glued in with Loctite 638 (Green) :sweat_smile:


Oh shit yeah those are not going anywhere anymore

sell them and buy another set haha

how much

I’d much rather try removing the axles first before I do that, and shipping becomes impractical with the axles attached, hence why Kevin ships them unattached.


What length shoulder bolts are you planning on using?

70mm total length

@Minimadness my bad its 75mm


Out of curiosity what deck will you be running them on? I’ve been looking for a way to mount Rockstars onto a Switchblade deck (10" wide), but nothing seems wide enough to not bite drop mounted. The 270s sound like they might work, but I haven’t seen any definitive proof yet.

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Landyachtz EVO 40"


Honestly I don’t have the deck yet, I was thinking maybe I will use my Sector 9 Faultline and some 155mm tires but it still may not fit. Down the line I will be making my own custom deck from veneer and fiebrglass so I will make that one shapped to fit the drivetrain


I’ll be doing the same set up shortly. What’s the point of the shoulder bolts if I may ask? I already got those bearings though!

Also, what screen is that? Do you have a link? :grimacing:

Shoulder bolts are just a different way to do axles, I personally am not a big fan but it lets you do custom length stuff depending on the bolt you buy

Since I am running Rockstar IIs on BN270 hangars I need 43mm of exposed axles so the easiest thing is an 80mm bolt (hole runs deeper than I expected) and then I’m all good to go


Thats a DAVEGA made by @janpom, you can check out more info here DAVEGA X: Gauging interest

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Hmmm, so I’m guessing if I’m doing BN270 with rockstar 2 hubs I’ll probably need to buy the same thing?

Did you get at a hardware store?

McMaster-Carr has them among others, here is a link to the 10mm M8 shoulder bolts.

These are the specific 80mm ones:

Many other vendors probably have these too, you’re looking for 10mm shoulder bolts with M8 thread on the end. 16100-2RS bearings (28mm OD * 10mm ID * 8mm width) for the wheels as stated by @ZachTetra


Just ordered some, thank you!

Noob question though… does it just tighten all the way down to the bearing? I’m guessing you don’t use a nut like standard axles have.

This is my source of choice too, btw if anyone wants longish m4 or m5 hardware let me know, or any other type of McMaster Carr products and I can distribute them to you! US only