Trampa VESC 6 MIII Power Buttons

Hi all,

I just placed my order for the Trampa Vesc6, and I notice they state it works with power Buttons now. My question is can it work with the switches used by FocBox Unity?

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All depends on if its a latching or momentary. Those two dont cross with each other. But dont quote me on that. Just from my experience.

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I have one, as far as I can tell it is latching, between switch and ground.

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I"m really noob with this. Although I have built and ridden DIY, I only had the Unity. When you say Latching what does that mean? I’m looking at the Trampa Vesc6 manual, and I’m guessing it’s telling me to take different wires from the Power Switch and tap into specific connectors on the Vesc’s COMM and CAN ports. Is that what is meant by Latching?

Press it once, it stays on. Press it again, it switches back off.

This is much different than the one the Unity used.


To expand on what gamer said, Latching vs momentary is a physical difference with the switches. Momentary switches you push in and the button returns to the same place. This sends a “momentary” electrical signal that tells the unity to turn on.

The VESC6 MK3 needs a latching switch, which basically works like a light switch. When you press it in, there is a little “click” and the button stays down, rather than popping back up. This closes a circuit between the “power switch” lead on the MK3 and the ground lead, and tells the VESC to turn on.


Latching switches are potentially unsafe for esk8 use, because high vibrations can unlatch the switch and pop the button out, causing your esk8 to turn off mid-ride. I am going to use the roll-to-start feature with my MK3’s for this reason.


Ok. Thank you for the info. I guess I’ll so the same (Roll to Start, Auto-Off) then. I’m just glad I’ll be able to ride my cruiser without having 1 motor stop when ever I come off full throttle (Unity issue).

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I have mine set up with a momentary switch. Theres some quirk.
You can’t disable push to start. If you have dual you can run into weird state with only one side on. You push the switch it turns on off and the other one one.

Trampa have pretty good wiring diagram on their website.


Is it safe to say to activate the the Roll and Auto-Off it’s just making a connection between Switch and GND pins on the COMM port?

Yeah, just a jumper from the switch pin to any ground pin. If you have a UART device plugged into that port, you can take a single JST pin out of a unused cable and plug it in to just the switch pin.

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I am very interested to hear more feedback about this. Are you currently using it like this, or did you just test it this way? When the problems you described happen, what do you do to fix them?

@Trampa, any input on momentary switches on MK3’s?

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Link to switch I am using below.
And yes I am using it now, not testing it. its what I use, it works fine.

Regarding the push to start quirk.
I basically no longer use the switch to turn on.
They are on my haero build

When even I drag it around it starts up.
If one side starts up and the other doesn’t, just drag it faster or kick it till both starts up.
Its great for turning off though :slight_smile:

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Basically this was whats happening:

Sorted out the button issues.
It turned out the button works just fine.
I am a little annoyed that you can’t turn off push to start.
I was getting in a weird state where I was dragging the board turning and one of the vesc would pop on. The button would glow but the davegax won’t turn on because the button was hooked onto the 5v of the vesc that turned on and Davegax was on the one that didn’t.
Aside from that small quirk, the button works.

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I just read your whole build thread, I love that build! I really want to get my hands on a Haero.

Those button issues are definitely weird. So you roll to start and they both come on? And then the button will turn them both off?

ya pretty much. Its basically 2 independant systems. The two vescs aren’t talking to each other or syncing in any ways. The switch sends signal to both if you press it so you can’t just trigger one. It all makes sense technically but from user experience perspective its wonky. Would love to have ability to turn off push to start but thats not possible yet. @Trampa mentioned that there may be a software work around in the works.

We think it is possible to detect the push to start and then disable it in SW. It’s a bit tricky though and we some more time to nail it.

How is push to start active when the switch is not depressed? My understanding was that there needs to be a short from the “power switch” pin to a ground pin for push to start to work?

Are you saying that the wiring from each VESC to the momentary button completes the circuit between the power switch pin and the ground, even when the switch is not depressed?

Is it possible have a pic of your switch wiring connected to VESC?

The push to start is active when the switch feature is enabled by wiring it up. Otherwise it is disabled.
The switch is a nc (normally closed) type.