tomiboiesk8 integrated decks are now available!!!

Hey guys!
I’ve been working on an integrated deck project that has managed to gather some interest.

Over the last several months test-riders from the forum (@RyEnd @annihil8ted @Halbj613 @Skyart @A13XR3 @yelnats8j @ZachTetra) have helped me make vast improvements. We accomplished a lot between versions 1 and 2. I feel confident enough in the results that I’m comfortable making a batch for paying customers now.

These decks are made from a composite of bamboo and fiber-glass. Doing this allows me to make them far more light-weight and durable than had I only used bamboo (It also makes them twice as labor intensive). The compartments, truck-mounts and profiles are CNC milled, while the shaping, sanding, fiber-glass lay-up and grip are done by hand.

The weight of the fiber-glass is customizable for heavy-weight riders and several colors of glass grip are available. I’m only doing one color of grip across the top of this batch of decks. There will be two zones in the grip. Medium grade in the center and course towards the outside. I’m selling these fully dressed, but also naked to be finished by others. These decks haven’t been tested without fiber-glass, I can’t recommend riding one without reinforcement.

The lids on these decks are truly integrated. Bamboo backed with plexiglass is fitted to the compartment opening and sanded down to match the concavity. It’s fastened at four points with threaded inserts and the same hardware that is commonly used for truck mounts. A sheet of cork is affixed to the bottom of the lid to help it sit nicely and block moisture.

I have several decks that I am working on, but I’m only releasing 4 designs at the moment: The kick-tail, the basic twin, the top-mount twin and the long drop-deck. I’m doing some reworking on the pintail, it will be out in August with a longer compartment and some shape changes. Also, available is August will be a mid-sized, top-mount drop-deck and two lengths of the AT/carver that I’ve been working on.

I put together a website to help stream-line ordering and fulfillment. is officially open for business. The decks are 15% off through July 7th just to get things rolling. I’m going to do a batch of twelve and see how it goes before taking any further orders. I already purchased supplies. They will be here early next week. It should take about two weeks after that to start shipping. I’ll probably be able to wrap the entire batch up within 4-6 weeks.

As people make build threads for the boards I’d love to link those to the product pages. Also, I made a page on my website for a builder directory, a way for beginner DIYers to find people that can help them make their deck happen. Contact me if you’d like to have your services advertised there.

I made an instagram for this @tomiboiesk8. I’m going to post all kinds of pictures there soon. I think that’s all I’ve got for now. Give a shout if you have any questions :slightly_smiling_face:Thank you! Happy riding!!


Amazing job, boards look stellar!


Fuck yeah bro! Can’t wait to see some more builds


I love the shape of the last deck pic you posted


Btw maybe it’s just me but it says the website link doesn’t work




Awesome man, these decks are great for building in and an even better ride.



order incoming.


what do you think is the most appropriate deck for rear mounting motors?


Thanks for the support guys :blush: and sorry for typos :drooling_face: I’m excited to make you guys some decks. I’ve loved seeing what the test-riders did with their builds. I can’t wait to see more.

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Pale Horse 41" running TKPs


Great looking decks, congrats on keeping this project going.

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The test-riders might have an opinion about that, but I would favor the puddin’ pop or pale horse. for rear-mounted motors.

yea got my eyes on the pale horse.

great names btw.

what happens if one opts out of fiberglass? does it not get layered into the deck?

also, if one wanted to use a heatsink for their esc, would it be damaging to cut holes into the cutouts for the heatsinks to vent?

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@tomiboi what approximate battery config will the 40" carver support?

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I’d recommend a 12s4p 21700 or a creative 12s5p 18650s.


wow the specs on that VESC :open_mouth:

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ESC based on VESC :wink:

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Thanks, I’m still trying to come up with a name for the basic twin. The fiberglass is applied to the outside. It’s a part of the finishing process. It can be done at a later time. Also, there are people on the forum that do graphics with fiber-glass. If you buy a naked deck, they can do the fiber-glass with their graphic work.

Heatsinks are an interesting debate. Bamboo is a great insulator. If you really want to go high-power, you might consider doing a rig with the ESCs in a heatsink box on top of the tail… but heat hasn’t been a big issue yet.


From what I know of them, they are precursors to the makerX vesc6. I use them with 13s and have had great luck. That’s all I know. Other than that, they’re a gamble.