Tomiboieks8 Deck + enclosure designs are here!!!

You should have enough clearance… I guess it depends on the speed-bump.

I should mention that the Odashi is available without carbon fiber. Just incase you don’t like CF. It costs $90 less. Just let me know. I haven’t put that on my site yet.


What’s the clearance on the one I got from ya with 8 inch wheels?

It’s very similar to the Odashi, 2-2.5”. I forgot… which trucks are you using?

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Boardnamics 270mm with adjustable baseplates

Those ride high. You’ll have a little extra clearance.


One more question - what angle do you recommend I run for the baseplates?

Somewhere between 10-20 degrees.

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Put some grip on this beauty… can’t wait to finish this build


can I fit a 14s8p setup in the double stack enclosure? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Yes, but you have to measure your ESC and BMS to make sure they’ll fit in the remaining space.


Can you make Video frome the Odashi: 44" and jump and show the Flexybility from this board ?


I can probably do that, but I can change the flex of the deck. After someone purchases a deck, I contact them and ask a bunch of questions to see how to customize the flex.


Okey …

You can make video 3 difrent typ of boards, withe the same person 80kg .

Thx sascha from switzerland :+1:

I only have one model at the moment, but it’s your lucky day… I just so happen to have an 80 kg human on hand to jump on shit :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
What kind of flex are you looking for? What trucks are you going to ride?


-Matrix 2 withe e-toxx variable adapter
-boardnamics m1-AT drive gear
-e-toxx hubs.

Are you trying for something stiff or for something with some bounce to it?

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@tomiboi was a pleasure to work with answering all my flex questions before I ordered my Odashi. I was definitely looking for something more flexy.


i think best way is show me you normal Flex Board on Video.
Make pleace realistig Video withe Battery Case.

To this moment i have exway Flex, this is realy Flexy. I love this.
I drive Flipsky 6`` Wheels 50kmH Speed.

I Want More Speed 80kmH and e Snowboard Feeling dont miss.

I am to this time 88kg withe Stuff i am 93kg.

Dont forget the Big Battery 8kg.

@tomiboi just measured my board and realized my MTB deck is 40.5” and not 41.5”. The schematic shows it as 1029.5mm so I assume the 41.5” is a typo. It’s all good - I just wanted to share in case its something that should be changed on your website.


Thank you. lemme check to see what the length of the most recent shape is.