Tomiboieks8 Deck + enclosure designs are here!!!

I’ve been working on this for a while and I’m excited to start sharing this project here on the forum. I’ve been wanting to make some of the decks that I do in the ID style as regular deck + enclosure designs.
It’s easier and less expensive to make these types of decks, so I can make a far more affordable product, but it will still have tomiboi style and quality.

I’m still doing bamboo reinforced with fiberglass and marine-grade epoxy. I really like making and riding this type of deck. They’re strong and they have nice flex.

The enclosures are being pressure thermoformed from 1/8" Kydex and fastened to the board with threaded inserts. I designed the enclosures in Fusion and molded them to my decks. I’m in the process of milling the molds right now. I bought a thermoforming oven for this and was finally able to get it hooked up this week. Everything is moving forward at full speed now.
I’m doing a rendition of my Murder-hornet kicktail deck and some MTB decks first. The Hornet has both SS and DS designs. I’ll have this deck on my website really soon. I have some pics of an early prototype below.
I have two MTB decks working as well. One is 41.5" and the other is 35.5". Both are 10.5" wide. The decks will be available in another week or two. SS and DS enclosures will be ready for the MTb decks in another month.
Here is estimated pricing. All decks will be available naked or finished.

Murder Hornet:
Naked 7-layer bamboo deck (5 long-cut + 2 cross-cut): $100
Fiberglass and stain: $75
Grip: $20
SS enclosure installed: $80
DS enclosure installed: $100

MTB decks:
Naked 8-layer bamboo deck (6 long-cut + 2 cross-cut): $130
Fiber-glass and stain: $120
Grip: $25
SS enclosure installed: $100
DS enclosure installed: $120

The MTB decks will have several flexes depending on rider weight and desired flex. Also, I got a big roll of super-coarse grip for these. The Kydex used is the recycled grade. Between that and the fact that bamboo is a renewable resource, there will be good karma in the decks :blush: I’ll have pics of actual finished products soon.



Congrats man! I look forward to supporting you and meeting up with you.


Awesome dude.

How are you liking the bamboo, is it stiffer than maple?
Also, what is the finishing on the decks, if I may ask. Looks really good.

How much battery can you stuff in the DS hornet enclosure?

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It might be a little stiffer than maple but not much. I’m finishing the decks with stain, fiberglass and epoxy. I use different weights of fiberglass to manipulate the flex. You can fit a 12s4p 21700 battery pack in the DS Murder Hornet enclosure.


Based on personal experience I’d say they are less stiff than my Sector 9 decks but stiffer than the Landyachtz decks, maybe on par with the Bustin

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where did you get this trucks/motor set? :o

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This is Ecomobl’s ET set-up.

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Still in progress?

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Just about there. I just need to update the website. Next week I’ll have them ready.


Ok cool. Looking forward to that :sunglasses:

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its looking great man, would u be able to provide the internal dimensions for the enclosure? for the sake of people want to do weird cell config, or lipo gang :joy:

if the info will be on the website once updated, please ignore me :see_no_evil:

Lol I definitely put it all of the site.

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Alright, I just added two MTB deck designs to my site. It’s just the decks for the moment for people that want to do top-mounted enclosures. I’ll have bottom-mounted enclosures available in another week or two.
One of the things that I thought about as I designed these is esk8ers have a wider weight-range than push-skaters tend to have. This is a big deal when designing decks that are intentionally flexible. There is no way that I can cover riders from 125-250lbs with 2-3 flex levels. Fortunately, by adding/subtracting bamboo and fiberglass, I can do a lot more flex levels. So for the MTB decks I’m going to have customers select their weight-range and desired flex-level from a list, and I’ll respond by email with some recommendations.

Right now I’m doing three different colors of stain and more are coming soon. Also, I’ve got some really nice, super-coarse grip tape to go along with these as an option.

Blanks are available for skinners. Contact me about bulk-pricing. Thanks a lot guys! Safe riding :metal: :pizza:


Hell yeah dude. Its so cool watching you progress :grin:


Progress, I finished the double stack. Now I just need to bounce up and down on it while I watch television for a weeks to see if it pops off. I fastened it with 18 chunky threaded inserts. I have a feeling it will work out.
I might go with a slightly thinner Kydex. I used 1/8th inch. After pressing it got pretty solid because of the added structure. I want to make sure that the enclosures flex freely with the decks. 1/8th inch might be a little to thick, but I still need to set this deck up and bounce around on it a little before I make any changes.
I’m a little delayed on my other enclosures because I need to replace a stepper motor on my CNC machine. It arrives mid-week.