Threaded insert removal and placement

got some threaded inserts on my deck

1 of them has a broken thread and i want to replace it

how do i remove (without ruining the deck) and how do i place in a new one

i have seen this thread but not much else on the subject

if anyone can make a proper how to thread on them then please do

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One idea could be to put some green threadlocker (the one that needs heating to come off) on a screw, screw it in and let it set, then unscrew the whole thing.
Not 100% shure this will work, haven’t tried it myself, but it might be worth a shot.


What I have done is drilled through the bad insert. Dug out some left over parts with a knife… Filled the hole with epoxy.
Drill again for new insert.
Put it in.
Wait for it to strip.


Scream real loud at it while doing full speed on a drill. Worked for me, had to fill the hole and re do it. but still. (profanity helps)


My Man! :grin:


For removal, loctite a bolt in there, wait, remove whole thing with muscle and curse words.


Usually I just do the @eboosted method of using inserts that go all the way through. It does not look as clean but since my dad works I can do these inserts by myself since it is a lot easier to do. I would like to learn how to do actual inserts soon, but I have found that the through the deck ones can actually add a lot of accent color to the board and can even make it look nicer.

Hey a thread about threaded inserts … they are a bitch to me and I hate them … but that’s maybe because I always forget to buy good epoxy to fasten them … so they keep coming out at the wrong end when I try to fasten my enclosure, which creates these nasty bumps under my griptape so I can start over and over again and again …


instead of loctite does jb weld work

dont tell brian i said that word

and to actually remove the insert once the bolt is stuck do i yank or do i turn

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Red loctite surely


You should be able to unscrew it since that’s the way you put it in. The green threadlocker would bind the screw to the insert

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Yeah anything that will lock the bolt, sacrificing it and the bad insert.

I didn’t put them in the original owner did

Oh well same case though, they are threaded inserts right? If they are the press fit then it might be more difficult but you could probably turn them out I would think.

If you pulled straight out it might rip up the area around it a lot.

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this “threaded insert bible” is helpful in general but perhaps not specifics for your case.

if your threaded insert was previously epoxied in, you may have trouble spinning it back out even with loctite or jbweld on a bolt. but as suggested all above, that’s probably your best bet. drilling it out being the fallback.

if you know the inserts are already epoxied into place you could try heating them with a heat gun. then using the locknut approach in the video above. but you risk cooking the wood first before loosening the adhesive.

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Get one of these. They make removal simple. That is if you have the inserts with the notched head.

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Do they work with any threaded insert or only these ez lock ones?

Here’s what I have

Drill out. Fill with wood plug (heavy on the wood glue) re-drill, add new insert. Had to do just that on my first build, to every hole, enclosure was askew and I just couldn’t. This method worked like a hot damn.


left handed drill bit?

idk if a screw removal tool would work but maybe.


Not sure what that is

Also what wood glue do you recommend

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