Thoughts on Flipsky VX1

Although I have never owned or used this remote I have heard many good reports and feedback about it so let’s talk.

What does the community think of the remotes:

Easiness to install

Battery life

Range from board

Cut outs

Special features



And speed modes (big one for me as I have always wanted and needed them)

Also enter her your overall score for it.

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10/10 for all areas besides battery life. the battery life stinks, normally I don’t have to recharge my remotes for 2-3 weeks at a time but I fined myself charging the vx1 every 2-3 days.


Easiness to install: Not really, you do have to solder a wire onto the positive side of your battery for full function.

Battery life: Not the best.

Range from board: Pretty decent.

Cut outs: None so far.

Special features: Cruise control.

Throttle: Very good, precise.

Size: Your normal remote size.

And speed modes: Doesn’t work on mine.

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@M.Hboards did speed modes work on yours

Got one on the way… in one or two (or three) months will be here to test


I haven’t really focused all to much on it but when I did try it once-in uart mode (ppm may be different) I think it changed the acceleration curve but not the top speed i could try to check tom.

I think the purpose of the modes is the acceleration, the lower the mode the slower the acceleration, but top speed being the same throughout. I do not remember where I heard this, I may be incorrect as I may have heard this for some other remote, but I think that it is how it works.

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That is the shipping time?? what… I better order mine asap then, I ain’t tryna wait 3 months for the remote

Just kidding. It can take an entire month tho.

yup that’s what it does. same speed different acceleration curve.

I think i ruined the poll. I meant to click 9 but on mobile i clicked 1. Oops

Please delete me off it if you can

Cant delete think you can though

There is some flipsky vx1 remotes on eBay (uk)

I have asked seller if the are legit

If they are you can save £20-30 after shipping and vat

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Do you lose any features with the ppm installation method?

that sucks to hear :’(

I thought i finally found a remote that has speed modes similar to meepo/wowgo etc
mode 1: max 10km
mode 2: max 20km
mode 3: max 35km etc

so sad :’(

Typically modes work by limiting PPM output. An example would be mode 1 60%, mode 2 85% mode 3 100%.


Correct. The Hoyt puck does it in the same way. Your remote doesnt control speed it controls duty cycle, you can get to top speed with 60% input


Just to be clear, are you two describing different things?

mmaner’s description is what I want. for the ppm duty cycle to be limited at X% of max in different modes. Either a cutoff, or divide the entire range by a constant to get better throttle range.

Resonant is describing different acceleration/throttle curves from the remote in different modes with the same max speed/ppm duty cycle. (linear, parabolic, etc)

Or am I missing something entirely?


I have tried them alot lately. They work great, on places where Nano x got disconnected it didnt. It have a indicator for bad signal, and it indicated bad signal on the places where Nano x got disconnected but it never disconnected and did work all time.
Battery time is a little low but I upgrade them to ~65% bigger battery so now that is great to.
The nice is that the speed modes dont limit the brakes like Nano x does.
And the vibration is very nice so you get a warning before the remote battery gets to low and it shuts off.
The quality of the case is alot better then Nano X to.


I ran it in uart and PPM. I did not set the xxxxx value for uart as I thought I was running it PPM untill Jinra told me otherwise.

Right off the bat I felt the uart was less responsive than in PPM mode ( PPM with the max min values set.) Not sure if it was the acceleration / throttle curve or my lack of setting the appropriate values in uart mode.

Battery life sucks

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