thick inrunners gang

everybody and their mother know inrunners are better at sucking heat out of the windings.

any smarty pants running phat inrunners on their boards ?


Maybe virgin Mary knows, but my momma don’t.

Stooge boards are really the only ones. There might be a single user or two that I’ve seen using them elsewhere

I know @Ean.esk8 had tried out some on his 4GS


I think @Pickled_Monkey does use some on one board and @Skyart had some running for a bit if I remember right. Not to forget about @NoWind who does/did use inrunner as well.

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honestly we need to experiment with them more, with the new 2170 that have crazy power it would be good to have motors that can keep up

The problem is still mostly vesc and the fact that it can’t handle 800kv motors

If you’re using RC ESC’s then yeah it’s doable


Benjamin Vedder was running a 1750kv inrunner on 6s on his rc truck 8 years ago

I don’t know that it is not possible.

hw6 has boosted erpm limit sufficiently imo

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It’s not that it’s not possible, but hasn’t been very useful. On a 6s batt you need a lot of amps - but maybe, like you said with the higher erpm limits, they could be revisited


yeee i have the motors from skyart

i love inrunners. need more gear ratio (and a new vesc after the spintend bricked). but will be revisiting them very soon


What kind of amps did you try to run them at? Stooge boards run absurd amounts of amps through them

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you can go wild if you suck heat out of the casing

Right - I was referring to the VESC tho, if you choose to use one. The highest amp ones we have are like, the Solo @ 140a per motor, and the MakerX at like max of 180a.

If you go to absurd sizes, you can use 3Shul, Tronic, or G300

230kv inrunner on 12s with 135A each. they defo need amps and gear ratio for maximum power.
~30c on them tho, so they run stupid cool

i will be testing one on 16s 300A


which motors are u playing with

Sss56123 230kv
Got 3 of them and a watercooling jacket for one

dang that’s a nice motor, I want to get one and torture test it.

they say it’ll spin at 40k rpm

what’s your plan for gearing ratio??

1:12 ratio 3 stage chain drive similar vibe as my OG mudmonster build

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dang that’s wild