IRON WITHIN. Emtb, apex chain mounts, sss56123

So i use my boards to get to work and as my main form of transport. there are two forms of emtb, dry weather and wet weather setups.
my dry weather setup excels in weight, carve ability and comfort, however 8s are shite in wet weather, when water gets in the bushing cups of pkps they become stupid loose and water is not good in a wooden deck sooo i built this setup :))
quick dirty right up –

Using @ApexBoards chain drive mounts

ground the scrub truck to fit
mounted the sss56123 which i believe originally came from @Skyart

mounted 9s on megastars and bored and taped 8t sprockets to 10mm

machined pushed fit sprockets coz apexs are stupid money

machined spacers

hardened sprockets

yes i was running a spare, a piece of glass tore a hole in the inner tube
gonna machine a 50t wheel sprocket as it is lacking a lil torque, but these motors run cool af


Nice! Is that a shower cap over what I’m guessing is the esc case? What kind of battery are you rocking?

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any particular reason you made the spacers out of (what looks to me to be) polycarbonate? is that an attempt to slightly reduce shock loads?

can you increase current?

Nice build!

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custom made shower cap, hands down the best way to waterproof an esc case even storm proof
and it’s a 12s6p p42 pack i made a year back.

to be quite honest i don’t think it is polycarbonate, i had no aluminum on hand and this was laying around and i have made adapter plates out of it before.

135a motor (max the ubox can take on stock firmware)
vesc get way hotter despite having a top side heat sink


Those motors got an awful lot of leverage on those mounts… any way of getting a cross brace on them?


That is very cool!


Sadly apex didn’t leave enough room for cross braces, however i might machine some split collars to clamp the back of the motors onto the truck.

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There’s 2 x M6 tapped holes there?

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yes, however either the chain or the motor is in the way

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You could deffo make that work if you wanted to, some threaded rod etc. I guess the motors being offset is a problem though.

They are idler holes for belt setups normally


@Pickled_Monkey may i ask where you got the chain sprockets and chain? Ive been ripping too much belts on my mtb now.

This is a really cool build thread! Excited to see what you think of those motors after some use

Think he made them. Or at least the sprocket


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Nice practical build, 8t sprockets are gonna be hard it the chain though. I’d up that to at least a 10t (better 12t) to reduce chordal action.
theyre can machine them for you, but they do come soft.

crazy torque for the top speed, stupid good free roll and they don’t break 30C, absolute win

i’ve run a number of chain drives and for a gear ratio 8t gives imo it is worth it.

:grin: :grin:


65miles in and bust a kingpin bush, replaced and gonna machine a new design of bush instead of oilite bushes