Project-Iron Giant

so where to start, this is gonna be an ongoing thread on the current progress of this project.
it started when the ‘first’ images and videos of @NoWind psycho frame came out.
so i actually had a good bit of the project lying around, i have a good few ammo cans lying around, and what you know i had the fat 50 cal perfect for the battery box. it had some dents and a hole in the bottom. hammer, anvil, welder made it watertight again.
chassis is made from 5/8" steel tube (same stuff as my trucks) and picked up some second hand snowboard binding for cheap

at this point Jens posted his build thread and i got a bit deflated for continuing this build. but then i found my love for mud and made the first part of the ‘A’ frames.(3mm steel)

also you’ll notice the first version of the links, these are made from 15mm thick steel and are hefty af.

picked some second hand rockshox for cheap, one needs rebuilding, other one works great

finally ‘finished’ the links, please don’t look at them welds (i haven’t welded in a couple months)

i currently have some bushes and some shaft collars on order to finish up the ‘A’ frames and link system, then onto trucks and rockshox mounting :crazy_face:


What am I looking at :flushed:

Can’t wait to see how this will develop.


Damn, I’m interested. Keep it up :+1:t3:


reminds me of the e-toxx psychoframe kinda, especially with that ammo battery box.

can’t wait to see how this progresses.


Damn dude. I want to say there’s no way in hell you’re breaking this but I don’t want to jinx it and I also know your history…

Stoked for this!

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Huge respect for biting off something that most people couldn’t chew. Curious what duro urethane you gonna go for too. Spill the specs, boy!

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how about some 78mm venom magnum wheels.


thats what i took the inspiration from, he had only posted a couple videos at the time and i went full detective.

i recon i will go thru at least 5 versions of most of the parts

i’ve got ideas beyond any sane person XD, i build not for any reason other then why not. i’m limited by my lack of CAD CAM skills (all plans and designs are draw out on paper) and the ability of my hands. as for the Urethane, the truck bushings are gonna be nearly the size of some street wheels.

that could be possible with the use of portal axles to gain clearance over the axle bearings :crazy_face:


shaft collars and bushes arrived

i pushed them all in then realized i shouldn’t and i had the press the back out lmao, using an old sprocket and a socket as a die

then welded the shaft collars to the frame (yes warping has occurred but will be easy enough to fix).


Getting jiggy with it, fabricating the ends of the links/truck base plates and first proper link mock up.


So you saw the psychoframe and said “I can make one of those?”
Respect. It’s looking really sick so far.


That’s great stuff, keep the pics coming as you progress.

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Na nanana nana!

Very interesting, love to see the final build and what Jens has to say :smile:


Hippity hoppoty cut ma finger on carbide tooling.
Semi fixed the rockshox, got a rebuild kit for them and got the links and shocks mounted and working :grin::grin::grin:


Very cool project! What tires are you going to use?

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big ones XD


Mind the wonky trucks don’t have the kingpins in properly