The Warlord MTB build: New Tomiboi MTB deck | Crazy E-toxx PKP trucks, gears-drives and hubs!!!

The end of the year is coming! I better try to get a build thread in. This is going to be a wild one. Let’s have some fun. Here’s the list:

Deck- A brand, spanking new whip from yours truly.
Trucks- PKP off-road trucks from E-toxx
Gear-drives- E-toxx
Reeeemz- More E-toxx
ESC- MakerX Go-Foc D75
Motors- New Maytech 6396 150kv
Battery pack- DIY 16s10p p42a
Remote- WavRX puck
Tires- 8" Mudpluggers
Bindings- Tomiboi ratcheting clips
Battery enclosure/ESC heatsink box- top-mounted Tomiboi custom
Anit-sink plates- more custom shiz

I’ve got a lot in progress right now. Pictures coming soon. Here’s the above list in paragraph form for people with time on their hands.

Imma make myself a new deck just for this build. I’ve been told that PKP trucks like big angles at the nose and tail, so I’m going with 35/35 degrees.

I really like the footbed on another deck that I make called Odashi. It’s a long drop-deck with some w going on. So, for this deck I just used that footbed and turned up the ends. The construction will be a bamboo/CF sandwich sheathed with fiberglass. Lastly, I’m going to have some fun with the paint.

For the trucks, gear-drives and rims, I went with an e-toxx kit. I’ve been intrigued by Jens’ PKP design and was able to talk him into letting me try out some off-road trucks that he has been working on. I’m extremely stoked to give this shit a roll.

I went with the MakerX Go-FOC D75 for the ESC here. I’m excited to see a button on a MakerX ESC. Isn’t that something. I’m also excited to see more ESCs in the 16s range. It certainly is smaller than the UBOX.

I’ll be trying out these new motors from Maytech. They’re supposed to be made from better stuff than the older version and they have a ventilated thing thing. The 6396 motors are only rated for 12s, but I asked Maytech, and they said I shouldn’t have a problem running 16s with the 150kv motors. :crossed_fingers:

I’m going to make a 16s10p p42a battery pack for this thing. Plenty of range and powah. I’m also going to make a topside enclosure for the pack using my new resin printer if all goes well. I’ll use ABS-like resin for the bottom, but then I’m going to make an aluminum heatsink for the top, because I’m going to house the ESC in the battery-box.

I’ve got a few other things in the works as well. And like I said, Pic coming soon.


Here are some pics of the deck and specifics about the construction. The core of this deck is 7 layers of bamboo, 5 long-cut plus 2 cross-cut. On the bottom and top of the deck, I applied a thick layer carbon-fiber. I was only going to do CF on the bottom, but then @Skyart ordered one of his decks with carbon on the top and bottom and I got jealous. After the CF I also applied a thin layer of fiberglass on both the top and bottom of the deck.

I had high hopes for the paint work. I’m not totally disappointed with the result. The technique worked out nicely, but the bright, blue paint was darked-out pretty badly by CF. Next time I try to airbrush on CF, I’m going to use some fluorescent shit.



With that many cells you could go with a capacity cell or the Samsung 50S for more range without sacrificing power. Also damn, you really had to 1up the Hoyt dadbod like that :laughing:


Yeah, but the p42a always has such good value. The price is hard to beat.

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so you are going with the outer mounting holes!!!

show more of the Etoxx stuff already damnit…


I’m trying the outer holes first. The clearance is good. It feels good too. E-toxx pics are coming soon.


I found some aluminum diamond plate and made some custom anti-sink plates and truck spacers. I also made gaskets for them using a durable/flexible resin. They all turned out better than I thought they would. Also, I didn’t ruin any perfectly good router bits in the process.

I have some 1/4" diamond plate that I’m going to use for the top of the battery box. It should look pretty sharp.


Colorado is the new standard… :wink: Mostly just @tomiboi and @Savage1 killing it.

I’ll still offer slowly shipped, hi cost and poor condition platforms, with a smile though.

Sick board Thom.


Damn can we get more pics of that etoxx stuff how much did thise trucks run lol

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Wide AF.


damn those are sick wish he sold them outside of private sales. : P how stable are they compared to other pkp trucks?


Loooool the deck looked wide til you gone done that. Wtf :sweat_smile:

I like Jens, but i feel like he’s gone too far with those :sweat_smile:


They are def the widest trucks on planet earth. They make my friends hyper trucks looks small.
They’re about the same width as his mini-psychoframe.
This build started with an idea to make a bracket-board rendition of the mini-psycho, but then Jens came out with these.
They certainly are wide, but they do feel great when I’m leaning back and forth in my living room. I’m excited to get this build out on some double-track. Fortunately, we have some wide Mountain-bike trails here is Colorado :joy:


Can you fit other gear drives on these?

I can barely fit my normal length trucks on mtb routes already :rofl:


I don’t think so.


Definitely a double-track board. I think I might rename it the Trail-hog.


Looks amazing dude… And what a giant…


Like surfing on a go-kart :joy:


I’m working on the battery box right now. It’s something like 9"x9"x10". I’m going to have to print it in two parts.