The truth about AWD?

So what is the deal with all-wheel drive being promoted I know me Po and torqueboards both have these crazy options to get four motors which apparently is twice the cost for both electronics and hardware… The battery as well

keep hearing so many of you people say that your 55 is are totally adequate to go up hills and to get reasonable speed

Thank you for the recommendations I’m going to do a

Torqueboard 30" DD for commuting and a a Torqueboard 40* Gear drive for fun


Look, just PM me the location Dexter is keeping you in, and we’ll come rescue you. This has gone on long enough.


I’ve listed some reasons here on why that’s silly.

  1. On a good 2wd setup you can’t handle the acceleration anyway.
    1a. More motors do not equal more speed, they just get you up to speed quicker.
  2. Twice the motor/esc cost
  3. Higher amp draw and less range per charge
  4. More moving parts = more chance for failure
  5. I’m secure in my dick size and don’t need to be bragging how small it is by compensating with a 4wd board.

That being said, if I was gifted a BajaBoard Pantera, I wouldn’t turn it down.


Lets also discuss that 4wd boards turn like shit under any sort of acceleration.

They have their purposes but in general 2wd is the way to go.


Sounds like a dream to me tho??

And AWD + double electronics equals adding up redundancy + less strain on parts so… Potentially more reliable than a 2WD. Say if your board fails but can keep on going, you have 2 or 3 more chances to come back home without pushing.

Sometimes silly is the way to go, if you can afford it!


What causes the turning issue with 4wd? Something to do with traction control? on 2wd builds you already have one wheel turning quicker than the other when turning so how does adding two more change that?

It’s weird to me to imagine how adding more powered wheels would mess with turning. Maybe I just gotta try a 4wd board.


It’s the torque, torque tries to keep you go straight.

No torque = free range of turning for the truck around it’s pivot.


Damon explained it pretty well somewhere. But the upshot is that he’s not at all a fan, either.

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My drink is all over my monitor lmao thanks


All of these things are true, but also, more traction, more torque, more redundancy, and you can run smaller motors and less current per motor for similar results as a big motor build.

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Where? Never heard off?
Did you build a 2wd board already?
If yes, you feel it lacks in performance?
If no, build a 2wd first and look how it fits your needs.

There reasons to go 4wd, but i‘m sure there is no real reason for you to go 4wd.

I build some boards and a 4wd as well.
Guess which boards I ride more often,
Exactly the 2wd.
Less weight, more range, more easy to handle and to turn as well.


You also get front brakes :smirk:


It’s also nice to have front motors lock up :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


This is all about personal preference n shit
I’ve owned a shit ton of 2wd boards. “Still do” and no 2wd board will Get close to outperform a well done 4wd setup

In regards to being able to turn! Meh. Not that big of a difference compared to 2wd board as long as you have the proper bushing setup

4wd pros
Better brakes “will stop you on a dime without locking up your wheels”
More power
Less stress on parts and electronics
Some how you feel safer “if that’s a thing”

4wd cons
Need for a bigger/ more capable battery pack
Space constraints
Double the headache when putting together

Personally. After riding 4wd I don’t think I could settle with a 2wd board. Gotta have one of each


for the same acceleration, 4wd generates 1/4th the heating per motor as 2wd, and 1/2 the heating total, making the 4wd setup more efficient for the same acceleration.


Exactly. My shit runs very cool even on steep hills where my 2wd would throttle me down my 4wd shows no sign of slowing down


I’m still rocking 5065’s even though I have bigger motors on hand, even if I loose d!ck measuring contests at group rides. My reasons:

  1. acceleration is adequate for the occasional hills in my area. Coastal SD is not SF. Bigger motors do not give me greater top speed which I can reach in about 5s anyway.
  2. if there is a malfunction, I can usually ride it out (as opposed to getting slammed by bigger cans) This alone has saved my face many times already.
  3. range and weight will suffer with bigger motors
  4. my battery was made for 60a max draw, which is just right for 2x 5065’s
  5. racerstar 5065’s are cheap and durable. I can afford to have a spare set of motors on hand for quick swap if needed.
  6. it look me long enough to scrounge up 2x OG focboxes that if I score another pair, I’d rather put them in a whole nother board.

Just my $0.02USD. Hope this helps🍺


generally range will be improved with bigger motors since they have lower resistance and consequently produce less heat for the same acceleration. half the resistance gives half the heat for the same acceleration, for example.

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Needless to say At the end of the day people will believe whatever they want :man_shrugging:t2:


Get back to work! :rofl: