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The Stallion // Landyachtz switchblade | 12s4p 40T | maytech 6374 | flipsky 6.6

So this board is halfway under a major overhaul, and it probably deserves a thread. Initial parts list:
Landyachtz switchblade 40
@eBoosted enclosure
12s4p Samsung 40T pack
Flipsky 6.6
Flipsky vx1
Flipsky smart switch
Maytech 6365
Evolve forged supercarves
@IDEA mounts
All riptide urethane
Candy Red and black paint by me

Soon to be:
Hoyt puck instead of vx1
Maytech 6374
Surfrodz tkp on adjustables
@Janux-esk8 enclosed belt drive
@janpom davega
@haggyboard.timo Berg’s
Custom paint job by Wallis paints here locally


Reshaping the ends for motor clearance and a bit nicer aesthetics

Sanding finished off


Great work. This looks wayyyy better than the normal nose shape imo! @Jaws

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@kadeanderson thank you! I agree, I don’t like the big nose ends.

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Very true! They look horrible round. Gotta add some flare to them!

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Super clean :call_me_hand: nice build

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@Nacho thank you! It will be a lot nicer with all the new parts

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If you don’t mind me asking @Jaws was it these

Or something different?

@Nacho not that exact set, I picked what I wanted from the site. But that set is perfect. I would contact Brad @RipTideSports if you don’t know what duro you want

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Things are taking forever to show up but the trucks have arrived. The rear will be set to almost 0, and the front 45.