The Spacetronaut / Tayto / BigBen Enclosure / MAD Hubs / MakerX mini VESC based esc

Last summer I thought it would be nice to have not only MTBs but also a commuter board which is a bit more practical and has more range than my good old boosted board.
So I started to get some hubs with the first GB from @rey8801 MAD hubs as well as ordered one of the Tayto decks on the @moon GB.
That was in September last year and I thought it would be an easy to finish that build till January/February this year…
but than DIY happened…
The Tayto took way longer for production as planned, which was good in the end as I came across @Sender skinning skills and decided I need that for sure.
Sender was that kind to pack some other stuff I ordered in US together and shipped all over in one parcel which saved me a ton on shipping I would pay for all the single parts.
After two weeks of praying all ship well this parcel arrived with all that goodies
Meanwhile it was already end of March :sweat_smile:
The enclosure from @BigBen is a dream and just work flawless

Test fit how much cells I could get in

At this point I was close to go with Surfrodz and dual 6374 maytechs, just because I thought I need that.
I bought all necessary hardware, but than realized that it´s a bit stupid to do so with a 12s3p battery pack.
Still have the parts as back up in case something goes wrong with the hubs, but in case I probably go with dual 50xx motors than.

The battery, the battery I decided to go with Sony VTC5A cells.
I don´t really need the extra capacity of the 30Q cells and I was hoping for a bit less sag with those cells, pluuuus they where on sale on Nkon aaaaand I anyway ordered some for my MTB pack, so I went all VTC5A.
I thought a lot about the how to best do the wiring. I worked out my own 3P PCBs and got them produced toghether with some @akhlut 3P and 5P PCBs as backup in case mine don´t work out how they should. It´s not a big deal to create your own PCB, but still a lot of new things for me. Thx here to @DerelictRobot answering the questions I had and couldn´t find out by my own.

I still have 3P and 5P PCBs left over, so in case somebody is interested I will put them up for sale anyway sooner or later.

3P packs are hold togehter with silicon.
The PCB is packed on with silicon as well.
Test fit with two Flipsky VESC 6.6


4 of the packs are in one rown, which is packed with plastic corner protection from the hardware store and covered with silicone heat shrink.

all glued into the enclosure with silicone and space for routing the balance wires later

There is a 80A fuse on the positve main lead and a 10A fuse on the charge port as well.
The balance wires routed inbetween the packs covered all over in silicone.

I deceided to not go with a bms.
Firstly it´s super less space in the Tayto enclosure.
Secondly I will not charge it so often as I need maybe 5-10km everyday to commute.
So plan is to charge it 5-10 times just through the charge port and than open up the enclosure every two weeks or so to do a balance overhall check.
The balance wires are routed out to two 6S plugs, so I can use the smart bms I use to charge my Lipos etc.

The initial plan was to use Flipsky vesc6.6 for the board, but than @YUTW123 came up with his mini maker x vesc 6 which seem to be a good option as they really super tiny and the specs say they handle the current I would need for the hubs.
IMG_0818 IMG_0819

So far I´m very happy with the escs. I did and still do some recordings to find out what they really can handle.
I will post about them a bit later some more information I think.

After the big wave of smoked up anti spark switches I decided to stay oldschool and go with a simple loopkey.
A bit a personal note should be on that one as well, so I came up with this

So, some weeks ago I finished the build. It took me close to one year from the first thought on doing that.
If I look back, it wasn´t that bad as the waiting time brought me up to some opportunities I wouldn´t have had if everything would work be in time.
Unfortunately the last weeks where filled with a lot of rain and I couldn´t drive as much as I wanted to, but I still hope it will get better soon.

Last but not least some pictures of the finished board


The deck is awesome!!! And the build! So cleeeean!!

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thx! that look wouldn´t be possible without ben and sender :wink:


Looking great man! Such a unique build. Somebody needs to make clear acrylic x things. Calling @akhlut!


Acryl doesn’t like vibration and shocks afaik.

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Great build and writeup


Well something clear that does work. You get the point.

I love how shit this is making my half assed tayto build look.

Thanks man!


you always welcome!
it´s all because you didn´t sent my the tb dd… :rofl:

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Everything for si well together. Really like it! Good all in one vision. Love it!


Very beautiful! Interesting choice to go without a BMS but whatever works best for your situation. I like the idea of the battery PCB’s, seems like it makes assembling a 18650 pack a lot easier

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The pcbs are around for a long time. Nothing special besides my graphics :sweat_smile:
There would be space for max a charge only bms, so anyway no discharge protection. A good pack shouldn’t get out of balance that fast, so 5-10 charge cycles shouldn’t be an issue without bms. There is the risk of overcharging if something goes wrong, but as i don’t plan to charge more than to 4V per cell that risk should stay minimal


Yeah I know, I was just commenting that I like them :slight_smile:

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That board looks sick

I want to see how much these Maker X mini can handle, since they are so thin you could stack then and a a single row battery on some compact builds :grin:


So far I run them at 35A bat max but with it they are close to hit the 80degree limit on the vesc if you drive longer distances or climb hills. I think they are solid 30A vescs and work well on a commuter with smaller motors or hubs. I still collecting data, so it’s just what I can say for now maybe my opinion will change in future :sweat_smile:


Looks awesome, Andy. So jelly.


These are the best loop keys I’ve ever seen.
Very nice!:beer:

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Not much happened here…
just wanted to update the mini maker x vescs to FW3.60 which was only possible by loading the bootloader first.
after that it was easy to get the FW flashed, but I got over current cut outs on the bench with Lipo power supply.
That doesn´t happen if I connect my 12s3p LiIon pack.
Still a bit concerning, so I went back to FW 3.40 which worked solid for me so far (still with cut outs on lipo supply, so we will see how long the escs will hold up).

I´m not super happy with the hub setup, which I was expecting.
Winter is close and seems we will get first snow next week, means no riding the next time anyway.

Plan for the winter, change the hub motors to dual racestar 140 or 200kV. Motor mounts and clamps I have already, but
I´m looking for a set of 200mm SR RKP trucks.
If you have some for sale or know somebody who is willing to sell his, hit me up :wink:


I think Brenternet has Racerstars he doesn’t want.

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I do Andy Mcpandy. They are mounted up lovely on an ecaliber setup for use on my tayto, this build won’t happen now though. I’ll give you a super deal bud, swap for nudes.