The RedComet | RE Northcamp | 21s6p | 2x MakerX D100 | 4x 6355 [RETIRED]

Track Form

Street Form

The Sound

How we started:

Alright @Shadowfax lets do this. My sneak peak/dedicated thread of things to come for 2023s race board category (cause we doing that right @ShutterShock lol).

The board and trucks:

I thought the Odashi was big but here’s the Northcamp laid over top. Let’s see how long this takes…

The Goal:

Dye work:

Sanded down the sides so that I could dye it red. I could’ve done some things better like tape it off and been more careful sanding (late at night and tired), but happy with it.


For the grip I started with some doodles with the idea of a comet as inspiration. The design also had to work with the constraint of the Vicious grip tape coming in 4 separate squares instead of one big sheet.

I was happy with how my final sketch came out, but then overnight I decided that it’d be cool to have a different pattern for each end instead of being symmetrical, keeping in theme with the directional board. So, after some additional sketches to make it somewhat cohesive I was happy and transferred that to the board. After that it was painstaking work on cutting out the design and transferring that to the grip and back to the board.


Was only going to do 20s6p at first and have a complicated layout where I could run wires down the middle. But this would require split groups.

Note, this layout takes up quite a bit of space since it uses 8 rows. @Shadowfax pointed out to me that if I just double stacked three per row I could eliminate one row:

I really liked the idea of having much more space, but then OCD kicked in there’d be an open spot so conveniently for another p group. It had to be filled, and once again Evan pushed me over the edge. Alright the rest is history and a straightforward battery build. Had to run some wires diagonally but not too bad. K photo dump:


Printed a dual ESC tray holder to hold everything together, and give support to the BMS without crushing any wires.

Measuring how much I’d need to extend the phase cables in the front

Robogotchi+GPS, remote receiver, shielded can cable with twisted wires, and power button cables all hooked up. Split the SW wire of the power button to be able to power both ESCs on. Had to redo the can cable at least once and I didn’t end up grounding to one ESC, maybe later if I seem to be getting a lot of interference.

Everything connected and heat shrinked together.

The little stuff:

Checking Balance

Lowering the ride…


BOTY 2023 race board cat. is gonna have some stiff competition if any of us can complete a board this year


I have a Northcamp ready to build. I just need some warmer weather to get started on it. What’s your plan for the battery?


A few different thoughts.

I think I heard I could fit a 20s8p but that seems really heavy so, I was thinking 20s6p probably sufficient.

But I’m hoping for a SS enclosure where I could do 20s4p for an even lighter build. This way 20s6p for practice and 20s4p for race time.

So I’m also looking for quick swap options and likely panel mounted wiring, but we’ll see.


My raceboard will 100% be complete this year and I’m going all out with paint and everything

20s8p is absolutely gigantic, I know, bc I built one


Where are you getting the ss enclosure?

I’m going with18s to have more options for escs. I’m mounting the esc on top so I can switch between a top mounted battery and bottom battery. Dual 18s12p for long trips and single 18s6p when doing short rides/track.


Yeah 18s has so much more flexibility that’s a good move. I keep debating on dropping to 18s…

Nice! Super versatile setup, maybe I’ll make a port for parallel setup :thinking:

@davidbonde is thinking about selling his SS enclosure that he’s working on. And eBoosted is taking requests for his 2023 roadmap eBoosted enclosures updates - #1168 by zero_ads

You should +1 it is you’re interested. I think @yoyotinker and I are both interested.


I wonder if @eBoosted can make the single stack Jotnar have the same hole pattern as the double stack version?

That way enclosures can be swapped with the same deck insert config.


go 18s and get an SKP solo


That would certainly be ideal.

I’ve certainly thought about it, but I don’t need all the amps.


By this logic you’re gonna be racing against this dude

(he’d probably beat you no matter how many amps you throw at it, he’s a nut on a boosted)


Goals right there.

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Is there a comparison shot of the odashi and northcamp in here? Maybe my eyes just aren’t seeing where they are laid on top of one another. Curious what the size difference looks like.

You don’t see the Odashi cause it’s literally covering it in every way both longer and wider. The Odashi is underneath, it’s just the Northcamp board lying on top.

I can do a quick side by side shot.


Here’s a side by side shot:


Wow. It’s a beast! Great choice for a 4WD. I think the odashi would be lacking in internal space for a 4WD. All depending on what the plan is for it of course. I realllly considered the north camp when I was deck shopping. Looking forwarded to seeing it all come together.

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Northcamp is huge. Intentional. With very high speed it gives a little extra psychologically that the dimensions visually are maxed out.

We have single stack enclosures. It’s abs though. But works good. Holds 10 21700 cells across very tightly.

It fits both Northcamp and Jotnar. You would probably not be able to use the DS mounting holes on the NorthCamp as the SS is slight slimmer to be able to fit both decks and to make a little more clearance when max tilted. But I have actually not tested this.

It holds 20s, but then absolutely no more space for anything else :slight_smile:

This picture is a 8 cell across version.


20s4p would fit very well though (with a few split p-groups) and leave room for an ESC.

I love these big single stacks. 20s4p is a great size.


Yes, not to mention lighter too, the board alone is quite heavy. Board and 3-Link trucks is about 26lbs/11.8 kg.


Yeah a single stack does something really good. I have the double stack enclosure on my long distant board. and that’s good for packing in cells. But A slimmer and lighter ss suits the deck good. I have chosen 16s5p and 8s10p :slight_smile: