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What’s up nerds? This is my first post on esk8 news, been using builders to post up my builds up until this point but figured I‘d get woke and come over here.

A little background on me and this build. I’ve been into esk8 for a good 2+ yrs now and have 3 other builds under my belt (to those who care I haven’t welded up a battery yet, so call me an assembler if you need to). I use my boards to get to work everyday, run errands around Jersey City/Hoboken/NYC and just have fun.

Other builds:

This specific deck I have had for awhile, I’ve been wanting to build it for some time now but wanted to do it justice so I’ve put it off till I could get some parts together I believe the deck deserves.

Current parts in possession:
PPKR deck
Psychotiller HeXL’s (260mm)
Boa 100mm wheels
Maytech 6365 170kv’s
15mm 15Tmotor / 36T wheel
Psychotiller built 12s5p Samsung 30Q Battery
Tiller enclosure as well for now (might do a custom one later on)
Nano v2 remote for now
Dual Focbox’s

Waiting on:
Stealth boardnamics mounts with idlers
Revised maytech dual throttle remote
Need to figure out what battery display to go with, I have one but not feeling it atm.

Current progress:

Next steps:
Finish assembly
I have some trampa Super Stars and want to make them the alternative wheel choice. Just need a 12mm to 8mm axel reducer to make the bearings work, please do let me know if you have a solid solution for that.


Welcome to the other side. I matched your level from Builder’s. (P.S. Don’t open any PMs from the user @goatse)


Hooked up and set up the motors last night

Went with the same settings I have on “Val”-
Motor max: 65
Motor brake: -60
Bat max: 30
Bat regen: -15

Just waiting on those motor mounts and it’s final assembly time.

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you had me at “nerds” and bonus points for hogging the lounge area.


haha yeah woke up to the GF going “you need to move all your board shit downstairs, you have a work bench don’t you?”


Fucking brently. I though I shook you off in the chaos.

hey man I still think Rent-A-Brent has legs, big thicc beautiful legs

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When the lord touched our parents (lol) do you think he purposely meant for us to be identical people on the other sides of the world?

I feel like you’re the brother I never wanted.

M8 are you from the upside down?

I’m from the deepest depths of Africa. Mud hut territory.

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Looks good man!!! I’ll throw my build thread up in a few weeks when I get more ready to go. I’m going small wheel approach, 76mm akashas


nice! what kinda trucks?

TB 218 for the moment… Trying to move towards 176mm or so surfrodz RKP

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nice nice, if you get precision washers and some nicer bushings the TB218’s aren’t horrible. I run those on a Valhalla Sellout build I made awhile ago.


What motors you trying to fit?
I just got dual 6355 to fit on the 127mm tkp surfrodz trucks.

*shiiiiiit sorry. Not trying to derail

It actually ends up being just barely wider than your standard caliber truck by a few mm.

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It’s funny, I like them except for their width. They ride like a Longboard truck that’s a well made cast truck. I ran them on my first build for a long time.

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Hmmmm that’s a bit narrow for sliding… Dual TB 6355

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teach me how to slide an esk8 like the wizard you are lol I have slide gloves just haven’t worked up the balls to really try it yet.

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Are you stateside? @Brently

I see… So you’re using axle length instead of hangar