The Ralleycat - Landyatchz 34" Ralleycat - 12S3P - Unity - Dual TB 6355 190kV - Blue Caguamas

howdy. be carefull, this stuff is addictive.
wheel size can be very subjective.
you can make large wheels work on a short kick tail deck like this by adding truck risers.
at some point there is a big impact on the ride feel. some people like it.
I think 85 is ideal. and have done a similar board with 80mm blue Kegel wheels, and love that as well.

Some people I have seen on Facebook have put the cloudwheels on their BKB tayto boards.

here is another example of a short deck with large 110mm wheels.

when i was starting I wish this kit had been around. decent parts, great value.
you get to slap it all together.

the 10s vs 12s discussion is much more complex.
a little over my head honestly.
but the bigger issue with 12s, is if your ESC will be able to handle it.

this is the only build I have with a 12S and I am using a Focbox Unity in here.