The Ralleycat - Landyatchz 34" Ralleycat - 12S3P - Unity - Dual TB 6355 190kV - Blue Caguamas

This little guy is just so good.

Real rocket. Board feels great.

Landyatchz Ralleycat - the most rocker you have ever seen.
Psychotiller 12S3P
Psychotiller Flagship Enclosure.
TB 6355 190kV
Caliber II 50s
Dickyho mounts.
Running idlers for now.
14/34T Janux-esk8 pulleys
Zealous Bearings
Running 85mm Caguamas now. started with Evolve 83mm wheels.
Riptide 93A Krank Canyon Bushings.

I can’t believe how much difference the Caguamas made. Freaking night and day.


Do we think the 3P is enough to maximize those motors? I’m working on a similar build and debating 12s3p or 10s4p. Have you done any current readouts?

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I am building another board like this, and Dave at Psychotiller is making me a 10S4P for that one.
I am dumb about all this stuff, so I just think 4 more cells is more better…
Having said that, this set up is stupid torquey. I am still scared to get to top speed. And I have gone 14 miles without totally draining the battery and with gear on I am at 225 lbs.


Noice bacon

Did ya have any problem getting the enclosure to form to the rocker?

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Cool build for sure! Nice and clean. You really can’t beat those dickyho mounts for quality vs. price.

Awesome deck choice imo!
Edit: You should also try the Makali SK deck! It has multiple wheelbase options a nice rocker as well (not as much as the cat), W-con and for me it is some kind of the big sister of her. :wink:

Love it. How does it ride?

Stop it… I have too many decks… I had to drill holes on this one to get everything to fit…

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Dude. I love it. The board feel is great. My feet sit perfect. Front behind the wheel flare and back on the tail. Super comfortable and then the caguamas made it extra buttery

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When I got on my first board, I felt like I was on a cloud, just floating! And when you hit that smooth pavement and just carve like a maniac, :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.

is this ur first build?

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Nope. The enclosure is pretty flexy. I guess my only issue was not being able to keep it centered just right when I drilled the holes for the inserts. So it’s a bit crooked. More patience and better bracing would have kept that from happening

I have 6 now. This one is top 2 favorite.

Jesus… That Makali SK deck looks awesome. Thank goodness it does not seem to be available for sale…

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omg. thats a lot of damage.

How do the blue caguamas feel? I know they’re good, but the blue ones are just a different beast right?

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Dude. I thought the evolve 83s were pretty good and soft. But these blue caguamas are intense. Soooo smooth. I don’t even understand.

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hahaahha, yeah thats life, but you got the cat on the streets, thats all that matters for now :wink:
I got to many decks as well, the rally cat, too and this deck is just awesome. I know nobody would probably mount the motors on the back of it, but i would go this way with belt drive system. Unusual, but more space for batteries and much more ground clearance. But it hurts to see the kitty raped for motor clearance while using rock hard bushings, anyways Awesome build!

I had a kicktail board with the belts in the back. Had a freaking 10s5p in there. It was 37 inches so felt too long. It has tranformed into other things now. It is nice being able to use the tail


hahaha I got one already and i love it…

it is 36" and the other deck is the superfreak for comparsion.
But the Makali got a slight little flex because of just 7 ply and its super light though.
edit: watch out, there s a smaller deck called makali SK downhill.
Maybe you like it much more if you need shorter unicorns for board porn.

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yeah thats awesome and exactly what i meant to mount em motors like that. :heart_eyes: