The Muckraker re-build & race progress - 4WD race board - octopus deck w/stooge track pack

I figured it was high time I contributed to this forum after many years of reading and gaining knowledge from you lot!

Here’s my newly finished/rebuilt raceboard, after a handful of iterations. I come from primarily snowboard & mountainboarding background so my original raceboard was essentially a mountainboard (from 2wd to 4wd). As great as it performed and as close as I nipped at @JeffyJ 's heels I was still lacking manoeuvrability around hairpin turns on the track and tended to slide around quite a bit when pushing the old mountainboard trucks to their limits. As well as loosing stability over 60km with my front barrels set to the inner settings.

That’s where @MoeStooge 's 3-links came in. I’ve been eyeing them off for a long time and had originally planned to use brackets to mount them to my Haero Bro Rzaca 21 deck, but ultimately decided that it was time to move to a drop deck and couldn’t be happier with the result.

While I’m playing around with the motor amps & throttle expo to find my sweet spot, I know the board still has quite a bit to give me. Within the first couple of times riding it I’ve already improved my track times each time. The handling is insane and the shorter wheelbase suits my short ass perfectly! I plan to upgrade to @MoeStooge BRP’s very soon and can’t wait to see the more improvements on track times!

Boundmotor octopus deck & enclosure
126p Molicel battery by @glyphiks
2x Maker X Dv6’s
2x 6385 190kv motor on the rear
2x 6355 190kv motor on the front
18/67 gearing ratio
Stooge 3-link trucks
Trampa deep dish hubs w/ Meepo cyclone tyres (primarily for polished concrete race track)

Here’s a collection of photos I took, from stripping down my original racer to building the new one


to anyone using the SRB open gears, what are you using to grease them up? I’m hoping to avoid a mess on the race track as the owners wont be happy!

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Beautiful board :fire:


I had my chance to try catch you but it looks like I missed it :smile:.

So hot!!! Be some good racing this season!

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I use red n tacky, ride around to leave it so only thin film is left. Follow up sessions have been using a spray chain oil.

Sweet build dude, what drop deck did you end with? Don’t think I saw it mentioned


I would use dry chain lube i reckon

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Ah yes, I forgot to list the deck! Boundmotor octopus

My head went to chain spray also but wasn’t sure if it would be enough

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If you’re using the Losi pinions like @JeffyJ idk how often you’d need to lube up.

Apparently I ran some cheap pinions, and ran them raw lol. They didn’t last long at all.


Yeah i use a spray oil too. Put a little on after each session.

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I ran mine raw to start with without issue but they certainly run quieter with some lube. And yes the Losi pinions are much better. Like you, i used a cheap set once a while back and they were rubbish.

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I miss how loud they used to be in the beginning lol. Even though by a far margin I was the loudest at Carve :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

It’s funny to be waved to pass, when I’m still like 2-3 board behind in a group ride. You shall experience this too @Tasventouras


Haha there’s no way I can take this thing on a group ride. I’m far too reckless to risk the super low 20mm clearance on it. It’s definitely a dedicated track board.

I’m considering building out a cruiser for group rides using the MTB deck I just pressed… just want to put my esk8 money towards a couple of sets of BRPs & a 2nd set of gears first

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Nice 20mm huh wonder how low mine currently is. Whats the side shot with full lean look like? How much clearance do you have at that point?

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The brace across the front motor mounts is the lowest point and that stays parallel to the ground when turning so it isn’t really an issue


Hey dude.
Is your extension bracket set up in the front working well still?

Really neat approach.

I may have to follow suit.

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Sure is my man!

Just claimed #1 spot on the t race with this setup


Damn bro look at that lean, a bit more and you might be scraping :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. Congrats!


This is such an amazing picture.