The Killdozer | Chiboards | 4x VESC 6 | 4WD | 80100 184kv | 12s15p 40t 2.6 kwh | Etoxx Helical Gears | 9" Mudpluggers | Kaly XL50+ Deck

Hey guys, its time for a new build thread. I think we all are guilty of building and not posting… sometimes they’re just not special enough for their own build threads… not this board.

This new build is the 3rd and last iteration of my 4wd Trampa style boards. I am not holding back a single feature on this build. My V2 build has been by far my favorite and most reliable board I have created to date. My V2 board has the following features:
4WD 6380 motors
Etoxx Spur gears
12s3p 30t cells (with optional AUX Power port)
8 " Mudplugger tires
Trampa Urban carver deck
Infinity trucks
4x Focbox

For years, this layout has been great. A few problems I have had with it are as follows: \

AUX power is’nt too much of a headache to ride with but it is more of a problem than not having it at all… I would like to omit this backpack for my last generation.

My board’s battery is small, next generation will have a much larger onboard battery.

Power is there but I could use more…

My drives keep smashing into the terrain I ride on, so more clearance for the transmission!

My heel rubs on the wheel when turning…

Fast as a mother

Extreme torque, I haven’t had a single person be able to hold me from moving from a standstill.

Relatively lightweight.


12s15p using Samsung 40t Cells 2.6kwh 43.2 volts and 60Ah
This battery will be a split mounted battery. 60% of it will fit in the enclosure and 40% will be on top of the deck.

4WD with Etoxx Helical gears. I choose @NoWind because I’ve been using his drives for years and have never seen a single quality concern. He is so quick to manufacture and ship and has such detailed instructions. The system I am using is made for 80100 motors, has a POM main gear and a steel motor gear. Beautiful CNC aluminum plates and POM cover.

I choose the APS 80100 in 184kv for this build. They are known to have a few issues right off the bat and I have addressed those before ever even firing them up.

I have battle hardened the motors with Epoxy between the magnets and the sensor board PCB (I choose not to coat the entire stator with Epoxy for cooling concerns).

I have replaced some of the cheap hardware on the motors, added some more insulation to the wires, chopped the extra shaft length, and will be coating the inside of the motors with corrosion X.
Trampa MEGASTAR hubs (CNC Aluminum) with 9" mudplugger wheels. These wheels/hubs are one of my favorite parts of this entire build. I can’t wait to rip up the snow/mud/sand with these ! Nicely done @Trampa

Kaly XL50+ deck and Aluminum enclosure. Very stiff, very sexy. This enclosure will housemy 4 Vesc 6 and 90 of the 144 cells, BMS Awesome work @Kaly

Speed Controllers
Trampa Vesc 6, beastly, proven, gold standard…

Infinity trucks with Etoxx Axle extenders

More to come


Sexxxxy :heart_eyes:. I’m a fan :+1:t3:


Can’t wait to see this beast :+1:t2:


Looking forward to updates. This build has a lot of potential.


You gonna get strong picking up that bad boy.


How can you people possibly need so much power? 32 butt stallions of go is just insane


Hell yeah man. Never stop to charge.


Dang, that thing is gonna be a beast. Any guess how heavy it will be? And how many amps/watts you expect to be able to pull through that system?

“No FOCs Given” seems like a fitting name for this cute little guy. :blush:


I just did the math on the battery…

9619.2 grams



So the battery alone is what a whole super lightweight eATsk8 would weigh? Interesting. :flushed:

plus… 2kg/motor, 1kg/truck, 2.5kg deck, 1kg/wheel/tire/tube, esc+box+motor mounts+blah+blah, maybe another 2kg…

So, being really conservative, we’ve got a 28.5kg(62#) board.
Like hauling around a bag of concrete.


Don’t forget the nickel strip if you’re going to go there…

Hopefully with that range he won’t have to lift it.


Yea it won’t be light but I don’t mind the weight. My V2 was at least 45lbs, i’m expecting at least 60lbs

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I calculated 25 HP constant and well over 30 peak. It’s an overkill board, but it reflects who I am OKAY lol


Good name!

I’m trying to build the system to allow for a constant power use of 20,000watt total. 8AWG wire per VESC, ETC


Haha came here to say lots of power over overkill.

62lbs+ but has 10hp of motors, internal 1.2Kwh 240A

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I am expecting about 25-30 miles in range and a top speed of 40mph.


60lbs is Still lighter than the Baja I helped lug around SoCal for a week. We did fine.
Things gonna be beat


Yea that’s true… And the foot print on this is smaller than a Baja.


Probably going to be more like 70+, but yeah. This (and the baja) are boards in a different league.

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