The Flowstate / Glyphiks Semensteeze - The Semendeed Reborn

So as a few of you may be aware, we were fortunate enough to inherit @glyphiks press and Semendeed mould.

This thread will show the process and progress in bringing the semendeed deck back to life with a bit of our own take on it too.

Also to gain advice and input from the race community throughout the development process.



Im looking forward to seeing what you come up with.


Let me know when you’re ready to take a deposit :sunglasses:


Definitely interested also.

Do you have any ideas of what changes if any you will be making or what feel your going for?

I really like the idea of the bigger board but I am a bit concerned it may be slightly too big and heavy for me as I wouldn’t be using it for racing.

For reference:

I’m 5"10/178cm tall and tend to ride mostly between 35-40kph whilst carving (lately closer to 50kph as I get more confident).

I primarily ride my Zeus Carbon Pro and it feels just a tad too small as my LY Evo 40" deck feels even more cramped and now gets used by my son mostly.


Good to see it lives on.


What country?

Melbourne Australia :+1:t2:


Planning my first press on Wednesday Night.
I know that the race guys want minimal flex so I’m thinking of this as a layup:

2 maple, 1 fibreglass, 2 maple, one carbon weave, 2 maple, 1 fibreglass, 2 maple.

So total of 8 layers maple (with alternating grain directions) 2 fibreglass and one carbon.

The other thing that I’ve found to make a huge difference is to use a poly foaming glue as opposed to the standard Titebond PVA.

The poly glue is indestructible and foams it’s way through the weave layers beautifully.
It also eliminates any chance of air pockets between laminations.

If there is still a bit too much flex I can always carbon skin the top or bottom or both.

Anyone have any other suggestions?



This one will be with racing at the forefront of the design. I’ve already made what I think is the ideal urban Cruiser deck in the FishBone deck.


I can’t help but read Semensneeze


Is there a 3d printed jig floating around for the multi baseplate holes and routing for the axle heim? Just so I don’t have to butcher it like I just did my tomiboi :sweat_smile:


I’m used to a full carbon so this sounds great to me and if it ends up with some very minimal flex to soak up a little riding vibration that’s ok too.

My first board was a BKB duo and that felt like riding a trampoline on our Melbourne roads lol.

Anyone able to tell me that available foot space?

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For the heim bolt of the 3 links I used the baseplate as a guide to drill the through hole.

Only other thing I did personally was shorten the deck a bit on both ends. Even with inward mounted motors I still ended up with plenty of space. This allows for just a tad shorter wheel base.

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Front is about 11.25” / 285.75 mm wide
Rear is about 10.75 inches / 273.05 mm wide

Effective standing platform is about 33” / 838.2 mm.


That’s curious. Did you have the wheels mounted on the most inner position on the 3-links?

It didn’t help that I changed my mind a couple of times… @davidbonde nailed the ideal 3 link streetboard ends on the new northcamp


Not the most but really close? I can send a pic later.

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