The Evil Demonseed - The Journey to an Incredible Ride

From the earliest moments of her life, my daughter has enjoyed tormenting my older brother. She has a very quick whit and every chance she gets she flips him shit. This ultimately lead to my brother nicknaming her “Evil Demonseed”. Thus, when I first saw the Rayne Demonseed deck, I knew I had to use one in a build.

I’m historically a street skater and had always avoided longboards like the plague, which is why my first esk8 design is based around a Lithe Slate 3 (I still refer to as my first build even though it hasn’t been built yet) and my first actual build (My Deadly Sin) uses an old school style Powell Ripper flight deck. As a result I was out of my comfort zone for a Demonseed build.

I came up with a list of what I’d want in a longboard build based on the fun shit people were doing on here: mild off-roading, lots of range to hit some local trails, carvy as fuck, and stable. I stuck with the old saying “go big or go home” and decided on the 42" deck. I then set to work looking at other builds of a similar nature. Alan’s Demonseed build (The Fallen Angel) played a huge part in my design, especially given that I decided to go with an @eBoosted enclosure (there was no way in hell I was making another enclosure after moving into campus apartments). Because I wanted 6" pneumatics I had similar steel c-clips made to move the trucks out.

After deciding on an enclosure I reached out to @A13XR3 to get a battery built. Alan states you can fit 12s5p 21700 pack in the Demonseed enclosure, but in his own build he opted for a 12s4p. :thinking: Alex wasn’t quite sure a 12s5p would fit with a smart bms and bluetooth module, so I had the enclosure shipped directly to him. After some back and forth on measurements and comparing the concave of the deck to the enclosure we said fuck it and yolo’d the battery… 12s5p Molicel p42a pack with smart bms and bluetooth. For those looking to try themselves, with fishpaper and wiring and shrinkwrap you need about 3mm of extra height in the enclosure to make it fit with the concave of a 42" Demonseed. Neoprene gasket works great :grin:

I had custom griptape made for My Deadly Sin, so decided I’d go a different route with the Demonseed. The old surfer soap painting with frit seemed like a good option. I reached out to my daughter, explained what I was doing, and asked for a color scheme. We decided to allow the grain of the bamboo to show through wherever it was colored. Because of this, I used alcohol based dyes that would wind up blending with the epoxy clearcoat, which meant using liquid latex instead of soap for marking out the design. Potato. Potato.

I went with Surfrodz TKPs instead of RKPs and had it built out and ready to go the night before meeting up with @Kai, @Venom121212, and @longhairedboy for our esk8 rager. This was going to be my first time riding it. But… I wound up smoking and that always makes me catatonic, so I passed out instead :rofl:

When I got back to Gainesville the next day I threw the board down, popped on my helmet, hit the throttle, and promptly watched my stormcore 60d+ fry itself after going 10ft. The folks over at Lacroix were awesome and had a replacement shipped out to me within a couple of days. In the meantime… I had a stormcore 100 that I picked up from @Kylem21, so I threw that in and set out for my first ride.

I was disappointed. It was a smooth ride. And fast. Pretty stable to boot. Handled the light bit of grass I went over. But, whereas My Deadly Sin is like driving a small sportcar, Evil Demonseed was like a limousine. It just didn’t carve. And sharp corners were out of the question, which would limit me to trails instead of campus riding. Plus with the extra gasket on the enclosure, it scraped a few times on some of the rougher sidewalks.

As luck would have it, this thread on precision DKPs had set me down the path to designing the parts needed to convert my Surfrodz TKPs into DKPs. And oh my fucking god (FSM if you are wondering), the difference. I absolutely love this build now. Every box from my wish list is now checked, and then some. I can hit corners almost as tight as with my street build, but can floor it and be stable at much higher speeds. And man does it carve! The one drawback is the inability to hit the kicktail and turn 180 in place, but that’s an acceptable tradeoff.

It will never be my daily driver, but it will be a ride I continually look forward to.


Rayne Demonseed 42" Composite Deck
Eboosted enclosure w/Heatsink
Stormcore 100
12s5p molicel p42a battery
Surfrodz TKP trucks - 177mm hanger
Boardnamics 10mm axles
Custom bushing holders and dkp pivots
Riptide pivot cups and bushings (used kit designed for Metroboard trucks)
2x Maytech 6374 Sealed Sensored Motors - 170KV
Idea Motor Mounts
Flipsky (Sunmate) 6" pneumatic tires & pulley
Teltail Lights w/usplit
Metr pro can w/lte gps
Maytech 2005 Waterproof remote


Painted and fritted

Getting ready to mount the enclosure

Battery by @A13XR3

Trying out RKP pre-electric. Not a fan (at least on this deck)

First round with TKP trucks

Enclosure unbolted to move cables around for the new DKP trucks

Can you say precision DKPs?

I had to move the trucks back to the original position without the c-clip extenders and instead made aluminum plates for the button and charge port.

Check out that lean


i poked this thing. its really nice.
now that im doing that kinda stuff, im even more impressed by the finish on it, and ive actually been wondering how you pulled it off. the luck you got though, my man, you out here swervin over potholes at every turn too, huh?
also, mad props on the dkp project. im not big on dkp, but i support everyone who puts in the money and effort to expand our communal lego set. imma come to your hood one of these days and we shreddin your whole city. lotta my old friends moved up there.


I can testify witness to the passing out. While he was sleeping we rode around the neighborhood like wild animals.


its a good thing he did, apparently we woulda had to install a whole new esc

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so much party. and sparks on the nine-baller. and dickasaurus rex on electric boards.

this build is sick tho, to get back on topic.



bolt a shovel tail on this mf


Board looks beautiful! Loving that color scheme and alcohol dye effect.

Not gonna lie, I thought about borrowing your board for a rip around the block. I really wish I did but oh man I would have felt so bad blowing an esc :grimacing:

Ps I drove my Dino Dick skater around today and thought of you. Epic gift.

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I don’t have a couch, but you are always welcome to the air mattress. We have so many breweries here I would love to do a pub esk8 crawl.

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How did you make the rkp to to RKP conversion? Did you just buy a complete new set of trucks?

I went new trucks for TKP, then I designed these to goto DKP:

As well as a new pivot cup that could take fatboy size bushings:


Super sweet dude!!!

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I’m about to give pneumatics a try on the Demonseed DKP.