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The Definitive Guide to Metr App / Metr Pro

This sir is a God send loving my metr pro.

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No, there is no way. You should have made a photo of it before you install :wink:


I am fixing it. The QR code is currently not working when using dark theme. Temporary solution is to switch to light theme in your browser and scan QR code, please try it.


Is there a plan to continue allowing older metr hardware to operate?

I have a metr pro I managed to Brick during firmware update. Phone screen turned off during recent update.

I have done this twice (damn power saving mode!) and have two :brick:

Is there away to recover my metrs by wired connection? Or they are now legit bricked?

They should not be bricked. Do they advertise (blue LED slowly blinking)? Do they have UART connection (Green LED on)? Try to go to system preferences - bluetooth - and forget / remove them. Then open metr app and scan again.


As usual, thank you for the prompt response. I updated the unity firmware and everything thing worked exactly as it should with the suspect metrs. … sorry. :grimacing:

I’m rolling canbus 4wd for the first time with telemetry from a single metr! It’s great!


Just letting you know, all the pics in your 1st post are broken @rpasichnyk, but I guess it doesn’t matter if the same stuff is available in github.

They work for me. What browser do you use?

All pics loading for me on mobile/Android.

I’m an idiot. Forgot about adguard and ghostery sometimes being over aggressive blocking external links.


Photos sadly don’t work for me either but I’m not running any adblock

Question regarding Metr and 4wd set up, will it update all 4 vesc connected over canbus if I change my ride modes?

Yes it will

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Is there any way to add a voice note or add a text note into the logging system? It would be a great to be able to easily add a description while riding so that different parts of the logs make more sense.

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@rpasichnyk can I do motor detection on unity and will it detect both motors at the same time? Bit unsure as runing unity motor detection involves spinning wheels.

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Yes you can, and yes, it will detect both motors. You will need to spin motors by hand.


I’m trying to connect my new phone to the metr pro module, but when I scan, it doesn’t appear in the list. I went into my old phone settings to make it forget the metr pro from the bluetooth devices. However it just wont show up in the new phone. Any idea whats going wrong?
New phone is Oneplus 7T Pro if that matters.

Same issue here. I thought that I smoked too much last night when I was trying. But nope. It just doesn’t find the metr pro I just got. Finds both my old school metr modules just fine though.

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@SpeedyDutch @SeanHacker some Android phones have issue when discovering renamed Metr Pro modules. Please do the following:

  1. Connect to Metr Pro with the phone that works.
  2. Go to Metr app -> Settings and click on a blue gear.
  3. Make sure Alias is “Metr Pro”
  4. Disconnect the phone that works, make sure Metr Pro goes into discovery mode again (blue LED slowly blinking)
  5. Try with new phone again.

I checked to make sure the name is correct. How do I make it go into discovery mode?