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The Definitive Guide to Metr App / Metr Pro

Most likely your VESC reports inaccurate voltage. I made a workaround for it a while ago. Go to Settings -> Battery, turn on Smooth Voltage and adjust Smooth margin until it stops jumping.


Sweet, thanks!

Do you need to input a kv value? Running 90mm hubs that are around 50kv at 10s and it’s telling me I’m at a blinding 60mph on the bench (motor settings at 14 poles 1:1 and 90mm)

Most likely your motor poles are not 14. Check what motors you have and how many poles

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I’m also having the same issue

Try to restart the whole app and then try to connect and see if it works.

Quick question regarding DieBieMS. If the board is off (DieBieMS discharge is disabled) and you plug-in the charger, that activates DieBieMS but doesn’t enable the discharge. Thus, the VESCs as well as the Metr module remain off => no data for the Metr app. This obviously has a simple workaround, which is to power on the board before plugging in the charger. I still wonder if there’s a more elegant solution for those who can’t be bothered to switch the board on before charging. :slight_smile:

In an ideal world it would be possible to power on the Metr module without powering on the VESCs but I guess that’s asking too much, right?

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This will be possible with Metr Pro 202x which will use CAN bus instead of UART :wink:


Can you add motor temp to the metr data?

It doesn’t show at the top with max and min and avg values.

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Would it be a idea to add the VESC needs to be in

App to Use

I seen it a few times people get stuck at that part and are unable to revive data back to the app even tho the Bluetooth is connected. It’s not a option when doing auto app set up. It some thing I had to go back in to add after.

@rpasichnyk Well. You guys sold me. I placed my order last night! How long can one usually expect for shipping to the east coast USA?

Between one and two weeks to the US after it is shipped. It vary a bit from time to time.

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To apply a police-“legal” mode with speed limit to 20km/h, I have to swipe it to the right in the App and the mode will be applied. But in some circumstances the police is caching me, takes the board and I haven’t time to switch the mode. But it is possible to shut down the board and it will be a brilliant way if the board goes automatically in a “default” and legal mode after reboot. Just an idea…

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Couple questions…

  1. in recent weeks on.some ride data its been showing long distance map data for which the board wasnt on… Yes I commute on the train to/from work but the board isnt on… Sometimes it just adds data that wasnt really there…

Pictured here… Only a .6mi ride but from Darien to where the dot starts to move is in question…

  1. for this GPS its says don’t enable. Any explanation for this and why? I also feel lile sometimes the max speed value it shows os higher than in reality…sometimes by 3-4mph higher… I usually have a go pro recording to verify… Or even speed past a radar sign to see what it has to say…

Your phone was reporting incorrect GPS. On your screenshot there is GPS Accuracy. Set it to 50 (meters) instead of 0.

I just went through this again. Killer job on this walkthrough.

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Thx for the reply and will try. Any info on “prefer gps” and why to keep it disabled?

RPM based speed calculation is updated more frequently than GPS data. Make sure that you have the values under Settings -> Motor set up correctly, so the correct number of motor poles, motor/wheel pull teeth and wheel diameter. When everything is set up correctly you should get very precise speed data. When you are driving through a tunnel and loose GPS signal for an example it will kind of mess up your data when that setting is enabled.
The setting is useful for things like eFoils where you can not calculate the speed based on RPM data.


@rpasichnyk so i have got a new phone . . . . is there any way to find out my metr’s bluetooth pairing code from my old phone so that i can pair it to my new one without having to open my board up just to find the number?

also trying to get my mode across from my old phone, the QR code scanning doesn’t seem to be working on my new Pixel 4 with android 10.

i’m also interested in the response. i understand it does not help now - my recourse has been too take a picture and a note of the pairing code to avoid unnecessary opening/closing of enclosures when swapping devices.