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Or just one of the standalone smart BMS like mine, with an app. Trying to make it work with the davega just seems like extra steps for little benefit.

Sometimes I use a few drops of acetone to ‘reconstitute’ gloopy dry rosin. You ever seen crystals like that?


I live in Annapolis Maryland which is like water on all sides. Grew up wakeboarding as my first board sport. Been wanting to build one of these for a while now. Great build man!


Yeah, my tub of flux grows crystals just like that too. Kind if neat.

I don’t add any solvents to mine just leave it with a texture somewhere between peanut butter and cold butter. I’ve got a bottle of liquid flux from MG and a flux pen if I need to get more surgical with the application.

Looks dank

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Take a look at

  • up to 18S
  • charge only version available
  • based on DieBieMS so it should work with Davega
  • option for a BT module and app in development

That is exactly what I’ve been hoping for! Thank you!!


Is 18650 battery store a good place to buy from?

They are a vendor trusted by a lot of people.

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cool they have p42A’s in stock I think I’m gonna pull the trigger on a 12s6p tonight. thx…

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@Battery_Mooch have you tested those yet ? xD

3 Likes is their wholesale site, and usually has better prices.

$5 per cell on the wholesale site vs $6 per cell on the retail site. They are the exact same company, exact same cells.

Its good to check both sites before an order, as sometimes they do a “deal of the day” on the retail site, and occasionally the price is lower than the wholesale site.


I think I will wait for BulkBattery…they won’t have the p42A’s in stock until end of February. but yeah much better price.

Weird that the retail site has stock when the wholesale site doesnt, considering they are the same company with the same stock in the same warehouse…

Maybe shoot them an email and ask if they will price match their wholesale pricing? Ive had good luck with asking for price matches, but i have never asked a company to price match their own price :joy:


I know right…but yeah they told me end of February. Hopefully it’ll be sooner.

No 10180 cell testing yet. :grin:

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Yknow… I really want to know who tells you guys to post these things

What does this post mean

It tells us nothing useful about the battery. First of all, no cells listed. Additionally, 30A discharge is incredibly low. There are no pics of battery assembly, and this is a DIY battery thread. I would wager that most of us could build a battery that’s way better lol

If you’re gonna post here, show us interesting things!


This is gonna get weird once the post gets removed and it looks like you’re barking at Mooch to show us something interesting :smiley:


Maybe it has 10180 cells in it


That costs more and is only available Saturday nights.