Talk about your armor

What do you guys roll in? I’m trying to decide on something for upper body - there’s something like this:

Does anybody do anything a little more discrete that saves your upper body from road rash? I’ve got elbow pads but still feel naked. Leather jackets are overkill in the summer but a t-shirt and elbow pads doesn’t seem like enough. Can’t decide, hmmm…

I’m wearing the Lazyrolling Armored hoodie over the elbow pads and wrist guards.


even when it’s 32 degrees C? Does it get that hot in Sweden (I looked, sorry)?

Lazyrolling Kevlar hoodie as well but with D3O CEL2 pads

@taz has a dope jacket that he says breathes pretty well. Can’t remember the brand tho.

anyone crashed in that hoodie going 30mph+? I’m leaning toward that option, something about rolling around as the bionic dirtbike armor man on a skateboard doesn’t appeal to me

I like my lazyrolling hoodie, but over 25degreee Celsius it gets a bit hot under as for my taste.
I wouldn’t want to go for an off-road session without my body armor though.

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I love my Fox Titan Body Armor

Visibility: high
Breathability: perfect even at 28’C
Protection? Should be okay I guess. :smiley:

Fits under clothes if weather is not so nice.


I love my Acerbis Koerta 2.0
Same situation as @Murloc992.


What’s this with body armour? No way I’m looking like the power rangers going to the train station. That’s why I wear G-form pads under my clothes.


The orange one fits the visibility law so I don’t need to wear a acid green/orange jacket on top of my clothes. That’s a win for me.

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when it isn’t too hot (like 48 degrees C Australia hot (amirite @Dareno)) I’ll wear a protec helmet, LazyRolling hoodie, wrist guards and knee pads. when it’s hot I’ll wear t shirt n shorts with knee, wrist and elbow pads with my helmet. with my hoodie i feel really safe tbh. most times I’ll just wear my hoodie and helmet

My armor is white and sexy. Long live the empire!


I use a lazyrolling and a body armor for summer time.


At times it does get that hot and then the hoodie gets pretty warm to say the least.

Dainese Air Flux D1


Those are Kevlar pans?

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Not just kevlar.
It is a revolutionary mixture of carbon-boron-kevlar-basalt-nomex fibers that resists everything while making you irresistible at the same time :joy:


ok, i better don´t ask about that shoes than…:rofl:

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Riding in a TLD 7855 since 2016.
Tested during heatwave … I’m also hot at 15 or 50°C :sweat_smile:
Not the easiest to put on …

Got the LazyHoddy for quick move around town if needed (central zipper help a lot!)

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I wear a helmet and carry a bible. So far so good except for all my road rash and a week off work with an ouchy hip last year.