Stormcore 100D Repair Help

I have tried a couple services for VESC repair but never got a reply back. So I am going to just throw this request out there and hopefully it finds someone who can repair an inoperable Stormcore 100D. I will link the photos here of the board. The resistors there look to be the only things damaged, but may also be an issue with some of the FETs as I get wheel resistance both front and back when plugged into the Stormcore. This goes away upon unplugging the phase wires. Oh the controller does not power on either.

Happy to accept any reasonable repair fee for this, so please let me know what you need to get this working again.

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here are the photos:

You tried the Wizard @JohnnyMeduse ?


I’d like to know what causes these resistors to blow. I’ve seen a half dozen with them blown at this point. I’ve got two 100Ds about to go in service. One that’s from launch day. I’d rather not be in this boat.


They are part of the antispark circuit. The code marking indicates they are 100ohm each.

Looks like something shorted the battery voltage rails and the resistors got overloaded on turn-on.


Do all your motors pass a hand test?

Also, what are these six numbers?

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What happens there?

What’s your setup?

Could you post some pics of the full setup?


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Contact @linsus he has quite a reputation here. I’ve sent some units to him (not stormcores tho).

Thanks for the ping, sadly my real work is starting to take over more of my free time. I’m head hardware engineer of a giant automotive project spanning over 2 years so laying alot of the groundwork now.

The unity and stormcore are a bit tricker to repair than the 4.x or 6 Vescs but definatly doable. Not as bad as the 75/300, those can make your head spin.

Like @JohnnyMeduse said we need alot more info to deduct anything useful. Not powering on can be anything.

If my memory doesn’t fail me the stormcore dsnt use phase shunts but lowside? Are those the ones burnt in the picture?.. odd if so.

@dalyjc please post more info if you need us to be useful.


I’m curious. What happened and did you try going to our customer service?

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Hey sorry for the late update, .

It does not turn on obviously. I haven’t gone back in since removing it, to do further testing. I plugged in the 60D after the 100D malfunctioned and the whole fit in the Boosted REV is so darn tight that It’s a bit of a fiasco getting in and out to do a swap. However if you guys think it’s needed then I will get that done this week.

The resistance when I plug the phase wires in is very strong, I think it blew a number of FETs for both front and rear hub motors.

Yes I did get in contact with them. They were very helpful and I believe they are sending me another unit here soon as they get more in. They are still on backorder, and I miss the speed of the 100D over the 60D i am using now. Just figured that maybe it might be quicker to get it fixed now.

The motors both run perfectly fine on the 60D, have since I plugged them in over a month ago. So the issue is with that controller. As the photos show, the obvious damage that is visible to naked eye are those resistors. Even left a burn mark on the thermal conductive pad that covers them when the case is on.

As far as settings used, .they are identical now with the 60D as the 100D; except for just less voltage. I have been using the 60D with 15S , but only charge up to 3.9V per cell so 58.5V total. Haven’t had any issues- just keeping the braking to the manual brakes and I don’t coast down any hills for the first few minutes of any ride to mitigate power surges while the voltage is up at 58. I have used it now like this for over a month and probably 15 miles a day i would guess. May not be workable with a eskate setup but with the boosted rev , braking can be intermixed with the manual brakes no issue.

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Just adding that last bit about the durability of these Stormcores… I think the issue with the 100D was a one off. Mainly because I have found the 60D has done perfectly well while being operated beyond recommended limits, pushing 100A to each motor / 50A max battery for each. Does it just fine.

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Oh ya, Charles has been taking care of me on this. The issue I ran into was that the 100d’s were still in China. Figured if I could fix it sooner then all the better. Just got word they are in next week and ya’ll be putting them together it sounds like; can’t wait. Speaking of , Charles never mentioned the process of sending mine in. Should I just shoot it on over or do I send it in after the other arrives? Thanks.