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I would love to see any cnc machined NKP 3-link base plate that you designed.


I dont believe you put untested trucks in the hands of paying customers, that’s not in really in question. If my phrasing suggested that, it’s on me. I also know Newbee’s trucks aren’t untested either. I know what testing this man has put his trucks through historically as I was closely following the development of his other truck offerings, and I have a general timeline on the development of these trucks. The backhanded part is the insinuation that he hasn’t done any reasonable amount of testing even though you have no idea what he could’ve put those trucks through. I’m not versed on his specific testing methodology either, but that just makes both of us completely unqualified to make any call or accusation of them not being vetted -

Also, I’ve been following the development of your trucks since I first came into the hobby many years ago, where I saw you selling trucks that were prone to different modes of failure and wear from use outside of a fairly smooth track, especially with the old small threaded rod. At that time, I was riding an evo with boardnamics RKPs and I was pretty unsatisfied with the ride feel. To say I was drooling over 3 links would be an understatement. I was borderline addicted to watching footage from the I2S races and was ecstatic to meet you guys at carve2022 and once again at carve2023. I just could never buy them because they wouldn’t survive NYC streets. Seems like the durability issues were mostly ironed out with the HD version, but the original retail version, which arguably wasn’t all that safe, was being sold for quite a long period of time after their poor durability was known. It’s not all roses and peaches on this side of the pacific. Tested? yes. Flawed? yes, and you iterated.

I’m not going to sit here and pretend to be an armchair lawyer, but did he violate any of your intellectual property? I was under the impression that the only thing you had in this department was the mechanical RTC, which these trucks lack. Serious question.

If not, I dont really see why this isn’t kosher. He addressed a lot of the very serious usability issues with your 3 links that the community has been asking you to implement for years. Competition is always good for the market and the consumer. If he’s not legally in the wrong, you’ll be forced to improve your product further (in addition to the mechanical RTC) and it’s a net positive for anyone that isn’t you.


SRB is proud to have nearly all of our component pieces manufactured and sourced domestically, many of them supporting small owner operated businesses like ours. Having said that we do not believe that doing business with a foreign based company is unethical or results in an inferior product.

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Not to be an asshole, send me to derail jail, but want to link the wipeouts?

I like watching crashes for “learn to fall” reference :sweat_smile:


More Untruth

The purpose of SOS was to build enthusiasm for the sport, build rider confidence and skill.
We did not exclude anyone at anytime. Participants boards were pretty diverse.
SOS-1 had a urethane class
SOS-2 points was won by a Phychotiller Rider

More Falsehood

Intro 2 Speed is solely a Marion Chacon III creation. Started in Long Beach California. What a great tool for building skills that anyone with any board can benefit from.

More Lies

Competition at Mary hill was open to every one, put on by the Mary hill Ratz club it was with a diverse group of boards, from DIY to Production

Let @davidbonde speak for himself on this.

Absolutely Ridiculous Lies

As if M-Boards cant think for themselves. For esk8con1 Morgan Brady P-1 in the pro class on a V-5 is a win. On his own merit and ticket. We facilitated the racing program and had no hand in choosing the venue for this or any other year of esk8con

May 2018 we were working with Riptide on bushings for Down Hill trucks. Way before we first met Jason

The Jason prototypes here were Made to fit the parts from My DH truck design, using the pick up points from my V-3 raceboard design.

From these plates I gave Jason instruction for the changes that are in the current design baseplate. 1) to accommodate an interchangeable baseplate bracket that could be used for our E-board design Hanger and changed out to our short rod DH Design. I also instructed a set back change for the Carrier heim. We were very pleased with the work he put in the baseplate development. While it is unfortunate that Jason does not feel that he has been given enough credit for his work on the CNC baseplate design, we feel that we have done all we are willing to do at this point to appease his sense of entitlement. After Jason made the CNC program he ran a small test batch from his work place and then handed the program over to SRB for outside production. It is a great baseplate.

We have been in cooperation and have had a great relationship with BRP. Both the original owner and the current owners. They are a Genuine All-American company and have made a fantastic product from our R&D collaboration. I can’t be more proud of what took us 5+ years of development with them to accomplish.


NO. Stooge
I designed and made both CNC base plates To work With stooge three link truck hangers. They were Originally for me because I wanted to try some three links on my downhill boards. The second version that I came up with is what he is telling everybody was is his own design. And that design is what he’s selling to everybody today With no credit to myself.
After I did all the testing. I ended up making him two orders of 20 base plates so he can use my design to sell eSk8 trucks. Because let’s be honest here. The sheet metal base plates that he was previously using with a welded nut on them looked like horrible…
And after he sold the first couple Production runs. I told him that he can have a Machine Shop near him make them And that I didn’t really mind because I didn’t have the time to do it for him anymore. But keep in mind that the design is not his. He only claims it as his.

Then he tries to discredit me online. But every time he gets in one of these conversations with me. A little bit more of the truth comes out… originally, he said, I had nothing to do with stooge or the three links. Then he said I had some hing to do with The first prototype base plate. Now he’s saying that I made both base plates… So thank you stooge for finally acknowledging some more Of my involvement. I would like to see you come up with your own design base plate That’s as good if not better than what’s currently out there.

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[quote=“JaysTCB, post:287, topic:47099”]
I say, if somebody else out there is gonna make another three link truck. Bring It to the races.

Now this will wholeheartedly agree on :ok_hand:

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We have never made this statement.

We appreciate everyone who has raced for us and given feedback. What i am about to say gives me no pleasure.

@JaysTCB is an ex house rider who was caught cheating at AVS may 2021.

We had a gentlemans agreement to run the SRB boards at 80% power to equal the top speeds for other competitors. Jay couldnt qualify the v3 for the pro class so he turned the power up to podium with the sportsmans. Only after he was caught and called out did he recuse himself from the podium.

Later that year 2021 at the Bako-Uphill we were well into V-5 development. Jay said he was having electrical issues with his V-5 then handed it to a 14 yr old and let him take an uphill test run on-it. I was super pissed, said a few words, Jason said he was done and I raced it in his place. Mary hill was next. Jasons spot was already paid for but I wasnt expecting him. Guess who showed up to race. I setup the board for Jason. 1/2hr before the start he left the property. Luckily Dennis Manougian broke his board and ran the board for us.
Few months went by and I dropped by the downhill race at the Dump rd to let Jason know i wanted him to keep racing, just not for SRB any more. I gave him a new rolling V-5 to race and parted way.
This guy has been spreading his libelous hate of SRB on the forum, on FB on Instagram everyplace we use social media. I used to feel bad for him. Ridding J from our stable should have happened the day he was caught cheating. That was my mistake. This is why he has hate. Well this is unfortunately who he is.


HA HA. That’s funny. Still trying to discredit people huh.
Caught cheating…by who
It was just a mistake that happened by accident that I made right by withdrawing myself the race.
Somewhere on this forum is a post all about it. I was changing settings on practice runs trying to get use to riding again. Then got sidetracked dialing in my setup, setting up lei’s SRB board for Dash. And in between that, charging, setting up the track, and everything else that went along with that day i ended up on a board with a little extra gittyup. Once I realized that I forget to readjust the board. I withdrew myself from the race and passed down my 2nd place win. As far as being mad that I did not make pro class time. That’s BS. I was there to ride. Have fun and support stooge Racing. At that particular time. I was not riding every day. And knew that I was not the fastest person on the track. So it did not really matter to me.

The truth leading up to Maryhill Is a little darker, though…
Stooge got upset because I did not want to continue to make free parts for him. So he started doing stupid shit like changing the set up on my board the day of the race, and in some cases Minutes before the actual race… Whether it was changing out the remote. Trying out new Torque limiting settings, punch control, Throttle curve. Adding Brakes to the ESC. Or different bushing tightness. Hell one day he setup the board to drive in reverse instead of forward. Maybe in his mind. It was constant improvement. But for me as eraser. You don’t do that to people the day of the race. Racers need time to get acclimated to their boards.

The race before Maryhill We were in Bakersfield. And the night before the race. Stooge spent setting up a new board For me that I did not want… And when I tried to tell him on a test run that the board was cutting out. He just told me that I didn’t know what I was talking about and didn’t know how to ride your boards because you had better riders That don’t have problems with his set ups. So I told him to kick bricks at Bakersfield and I raced downhill instead.

As far as Maryhill goes. After I paid for my ticket. Stooge insisted that he pay me back for that… I said fine. And I showed up Saturday morning to Race. He ignored me And treated me like I was a redheaded, stepchild that he didn’t want there. he even told me that he didn’t even have a board for me to ride. And that he might be able to piece together something for me But he didn’t know. Basically trying to make me feel like I was unwanted and that he was going out of his way to do something nice for me… It wasn’t until I pulled out my Psychotiller. That he decided to put a board together for me.

Stooge… do you think that I didn’t know that after I did a quick test ride on that board you put together for me. That you went in my tent and pulled out my Psychotiller and stood on it and said fucking Psychotiller.

I love Maryhill and all my skate Family. But After I came back and was told what you did. I was like… you know what… I don’t need this… So I gave you your board that you turned down to 60% for me to ride. And I got my car and drove 18 hours home.

As far as the base plates, I designed that off of my own creativity. Then you built a bracket to fit it and incorporated your hanger to it. I rode the hell out of it. And because of parts available I had to move the heim hole back to make everything work without having to order new parts. Now you moved the heim hole forward for more motor clearance. That revision change does not mean you designed the initial product. All you did was poke another hole in it to give people more options.

It’s kind of like if I bought a Vehicle that I didn’t like. I can’t just put my stickers over that brand and tell the world that I created a new car. That car was already existing. You just modified it.

All I wanted was credit where credit was owed.

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I like turtles.


Trains are pretty cool too

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So are horses.


Turtles on a horse watching trains is cool too


If that’s what happened. Than I must have been misinformed, and retract my previous statements.

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All of this is a waste of time and effort and is in reality going no where except for pleasing trolls that love drama and eat a lot of popcorn.

If you do not feel appreciated, welcome to life as we know it. Contributing to someone else’s dream is rarely gratifying even if it is appreciated and acknowledged.

You need to follow your own dream.

You cannot change the past or the present, all you have left is the future. I am friends with both of you and I would like to keep it that way. If racing is your thing, this should be decided there. If not, please just let it go and move on with life, it is too precious to waste on things like this…


Well said Brad. Thank you for your kind words. I agree with you, and I’m willing to put all this behind me.


Jason, you just made my day, thank you!


Anyone sealed a Super Spine belly pan on here? Looking to at least keep dust out, some kind of splash-proofing would be good - any advice would be nice