Stealthiest Board Possible

Here’s the situation:

I am heading off to college this year at the University of Denver and plan on joining the local Esk8 scene with my Voyager build, which will be a rocket and is anything but subtle. I wanted to use it to go from class to class as well, but it turns out that WHILE I was applying to the University (wouldn’t have seen anything in my research) they instituted a new policy banning any personal transport vehicles with motors on campus.

Now, 99% of my college application was on electric skateboards so they are well aware of how much I love these things. I don’t like to break the rules, but I also don’t want to go across campus on anything other than my chosen form of transportation. Therefore, I want to build a board so stealthy that even if someone here looked at it they wouldn’t be able to easily tell that it’s electric.

But - how to I do that with what’s available? That’s where I need suggestions and help.

So far I’m thinking of a few obvious things:

  1. Hub motor - but it can’t look any different from normal wheels
  2. stealthy deck indent for battery (Hummie style?)
  3. Small electronics for everything - small battery, 1 VESC, small BMS, etc.
  4. Absolutely no lights or battery indicators of any kind - I can check that with bluetooth
  5. Hide charge port and On/Off in risers on either end mostly covered by trucks

Any help with this matter would be greatly appreciated, and hopefully this can help others in similar situations. Thank you in advance for your advice!

P.S. If anyone important at DU sees this, please understand that I have no intention of going fast enough to hurt anyone on campus grounds and I’m not trying to show off or be “the bad boy”, I’m just doing what I love.


Hummie hubs?


Miles board is probably the most discreet board I’ve seen


Sounds like hummie + haya is your way to go.


What kinda specs you looking for? The smaller China hubs are super low profile

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I don’t really care about the specs since this is just to get around campus.

I was thinking 10s2p because that’s small but 10s is a nice standard, and as long as it can get me up slight inclines we’re good.

@ZachTetra what hubs are you referring to? There’s a million “China hubs” at this point.

@Saturn_Corp I LOVE humie hubs but unfortunately the grey and green would be a not-so-discrete mismatch unless I go 4wd

@Zach I’ll be doing more research on Haya… those are looking real sweet

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If you’re confident enough with electronics, you could try to make the thing controllable without a remote. I had an idea on how it could work, but am waiting for swissboards direct drive before I try making it myself:


Just dye the green centrax wheels if youl like something more discrete. If not, maybe some of the MAD hubs?

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I would start with something like a leafboard, and swap the rear truck for a hub motor.

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Meepo hubs? Completely black

I think the Miles board guys offered to sell just the decks to the diy scene last year. Might hit them up.
Personally i always ran small boards in school. Even non powered longboards were a pain to deal with once indoors. Walking around crowded areas.
You want something you can fit under your chair if you absolutely have to.


There’s a 70mm maytech hub that has a super good profile, you can probably due the urethane black to match the rest of the wheels, or just get some red 70mm wheels for the front


I think small hubs will be the way to go. maybe 4wd 70mm maytech hubs?


Not sure 4wd is necessary.

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@anorak234 Exway x1 pro? The wires are super hidden.

Not even the motor phase wires are showing


Beat me too it

Both are great stealthy boards. You’ll be surprised how many people think these are push boards


Honestly Ben you just want to get one of these things:

They aren’t all that size, there are bigger ones. It won’t break any speed records and your range will be campus sized but honestly… that looks about as stealthy as it’s going to get right? It’ll do the job and it will be fun to upgrade internally when the time comes. 8lb too.

27" version with a cheeky little tail

31" version


I know you stated you’re wanting to build but have you looked into a pre-built since it’s only for school?

This was my first e-board. The only reason why I got rid of it was I wanted something faster and more range. It is very discreet. Power button has a light indicator street side but you can always cover that up.

No, I’m not an ambassador for teamgee. This is based on my experience.


If I didn’t see that belt drive motor I would believe it was a push board.


Deckwise I’d go for an integrated one, the only none available atm is the haya 83.
The stealthiest hub motors are the mad hubs as @Zach stated, followed by the landwheels.