Beer Board 🍻 ~ 2x Focbox ~ Carvon Prototype Drive 90mm ~ Caguama 85mm ~ Hoyt St. Puck ~

I thought about buying a cheap stealth board to supplement the dream build I brought to campus this year, and immediately realized I needed something else. I actually built a cheap college board before leaving, and then decided it was too much of a piece of shit to represent myself in the Colorado esk8 community.

As a result, the last two weeks have been spent gathering parts for this board. Here’s what I have so far:

-2x Focboxs w/ BKB heatsink
-Carvon prototype hub motor set (90mm) in the back
-Beer Deck
-85mm Caguamas in the front
-10s2p Samsung 30Q Battery
-Hoyt St. Puck controller
-BKB Bluetooth Module
-Polystyrene Sheet

Cost analysis:


Here’s the progress so far:

I have everything I need at this point except the enclosure, and I’ll be thermoforming one tomorrow. Quite sad that it’ll all cover up the “BEER” on the underside, but it’s not allowed by the university anyways so whatever.

Thoughts? Let me know!


How’s the tkp front rkp back ride?


Was going to ask why you went for the orange Caguamas instead of the softer blue, but then I realized the color scheme fits the deck perfectly :smiley:

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These kinds of kicktail builds warm my heart :heart:

I am curious what University would favor censorship over freedom of speech? I thought this was 'MERICA…?


No idea, haven’t tried it yet. I’m hoping for the best.

Bc I got them for free XD

University of Denver. It’s private so they can censor whatever they want

Tkp front rkp rear is like a salom board setup so it wouldn’t be best for high speeds but fun for cruising

@deckoz would know more tho


When can we get a video of you riding this thing? I want to hear those carvons!

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Should be finished tomorrow. Planned group ride with campus folks tmrw night, I can take some video then if all goes well.


Ugh having campus folk must be so nice

No one here rides for fun… Just from class to class :sleeping:


Lol were these hubs from Karam?

You knowwwwww


Looks like it’s gonna be a good cruiser. How heavy do you reckon it will weigh?

Enclosure didn’t turn out as planned. I think I’m going to use this as a temporary one and then come back later and make a carbon fiber one

No idea, but I’ll weigh it when it’s done


What type of plastic did you use for the thermoforming?

Looks like styrene…that would not be strong enough at all by itself!

But that’s a bad ass looking former…yours?

I used polystyrene. It’s the school’s former, and nobody uses it so it’s basically mine.

I think I’m going to try my hand at carbon fiber and epoxy for V2 of the enclosure. For now though, I’ve managed to patch this one together enough to ride around.


‎ Badass

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It’s the corners on your mold. If you can round those out and do it again you should be fine. Maybe add a triangle shape on all 4 sides to give it a little slope, then sand the top 4 corners round.


The new thing here seems to be censorship. It’s the new biggest fad lately.


That’s what I was gonna say dammit!

Yea, way too harsh on the angles. Smooth those suckers out and you should be fine!

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those cags looking :fire:

I might have to make a build thread after all.

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