SOLD [EU] Aileron Cruiser - Airline Compatible - 700€

So I am selling my Aileron.
My dad offered me 500 to build him an esk8 and I took the opportunity to buy an
Unlimited x Loaded Solo Kit

It didn’t suit him because we have a few hills and he is 80kg so a single drive is limiting.
It’s a shame because i thought this board would be ideal with all my competitions and travelling since this thing has a detachable battery that is air travel-friendly.

Note that i did pull this kit apart to have a good look at things and i can say it’s designed beautifully!
See my thread here, I also conformally coated the ESC, which was totally unnecessary since the whole kit is IP65 from memory, but anyway haha, it’s super waterproof.
I also noted that is you know how to weld a battery, it’s really easy to replace the 25r with 30Q, i even asked the cofounder by email and said that it’s totally possible, but it might slightly overheat quicker and will reduce speed automatically to avoid thermal throttling but it would increase your range.

The whole Board weighs in at mere 5kg

It has less then 15km on it, trucks are Paris V3 180mm with riptide bushings.
Comes with a spare new sleeve.
Also has front and rear surfas trident lights that cost 80euros
It also has an app where you can choose different speed modes, or even completely customize your mode.
It really is quite powerful too, me at 60kg pulling the throttle made me fly off it lol. it did a wheelie on me :rofl:
This really is the perfect budget commuter, especially if you travel by air a bit.
Hope this finds a new home, because i find the whole board really cute lol. in fact I’ll supply some googly eyes :joy: :eyes:

I am asking 700 shipped

The board has some small visual defects

I guess i am open to offers too if this sells quickly, but I really don’t want to lose money on this one :sweat_smile:



700Euro with shipping
Prices are negotiable!

I also might have a special unreleased app that i can give. It allows you to adjust ALL settings like a vesc tool. Very interesting if you want to change the battery for some oomph.
Of course this means there is no warranty on it, but there is none anyway.
It’s built like a tank though

You don’t plan to part it out by chance? That ass deck tho :ok_hand:t4:Aileron 121c bare bottom right?

Why did you not try an Exway for your dad btw? In RTR I mean. Or a BKB.


how wide is the deck standing over the rear truck? do you get toe or heal bite say like if you wanna heel-slide the board?

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You’re foot is mostly on the kicktails, but then I don’t know how to slide so I might be misunderstanding, I’ll go measure for you :stuck_out_tongue:
As for toe bight I have not had any and I have had the bushing so it’s really carvy :blush:

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please do… I really like the looks of the Aileron but I normally ride over the trucks on short-boards… and I get nasty heel-bite sliding my little board… and NO i’m not going to add a butt-load of risers…



No going to lie, there is some riser because you have to put some for the kit. About 1cm or riser I guess but I’m no where near wheelbite
This is full lean heel side with current bushing setup. To give you how loose it is, I get speed wobbles at 26km/h :rofl:

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bump :pleading_face:
the retail price without board and trucks is 830 Euro… this is a good deal

Hi. Me no Trampa , plz buy, god luv u


I dont need it, I dont need it, I dont need it.
**Myyy preccioooouuus, it is ours ***

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Tell me you are being serious :pray::hugs:

Can’t tell you how many times I’ve had the 121C decks in the basket at thier site and bailed on it the last second. They’re gorgeous.

I’m not sold on the unlimited set however. Only upside I see, is this beeing a solid travelboard…Then again I got no trips planned :smile:


I had one, sold it to get into esk8. They’re even better IRL. I will own an Aileron again.

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Are these decks floppy like trampas? or rigid like exway?

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I would draw a parallel to a stiff Haero actually. Has a bit of flex, but also depends on the flex level you choose, I had a stiff one.

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buy it and see :hugs:
i have a normal stiffness and I’m 60kg. it flexes a little but as @Linny said it’s a weird flex, only happens when you use the kicktale. it flexes just in front of the rear truck, like a U shape

Bump :smile:

In case anyone is on the fence on this… do it.

One of my favorite decks, and this kit is perfect for it. I can only imagine how good an electric Aileron would be.

I’m about to take mine out in the rain…


bump?! i want this gone :innocent:

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Trying to convince a friend to buy it so I wont :man_shrugging:

yes please!!! i’ll give you a commission :kissing_heart: