Slime for pneumatics inner tubes

I’m getting tired of flats on my Bergmeisters, has anyone got a successful test with it? Any un balancing/vibration on the wheels after applying it?


I used slime and liners with good success. No real noticeable unbalancing but the wheels are slightly heavier which might matter for jumps.

@rich knows more


I applied slime in my trampa wheels a while ago. First ride after was a time lapse race on a go kart track. Wheels still worked great with no wobble. Tbh i didnt feel any difference. I am using primo alpha wheels.


Had more than 5 flat tires on Bergs in 500km. probably bad luck? tried green slime (approximately 30mL per tire), everything good for the last 300km. I had some vibration issues before slime, but I have changed few more things in setup so I can not say if slime helped balancing or not.

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Slime worked great for me. One set of Bergmeister tubes would drop from 35-10psi in a day or two… now they are completely fine for weeks.


WTF? is this from that valve area defect Timo mentioned where the current fix is an o-ring?


A flat? What is this? :rofl:

Punctures are a big problem with all pneumatics. I had a puncture every second or third ride with my MTB, sometimes twice a day. My tubes had several patches of bicycle repair kits and I was totally pissed.

Then I filled the tubes with slime and all the problems were gone :partying_face:
I ride hard but within the last year I had 1 flat only, without slime I would have had at least 30 punctures if not more.

I use 1 bottle (for 2 bicycle tubes) for 8x 8" tubes, right now I’m trying a bottle for 16x 8" tubes with success. When you have a puncture the slime fills and close the hole instantly, you won’t recognize it. If you look at the tube later you can see small green dots where the punctures are.

The wheels are unbalanced but after spinning the wheel the slime distributes and after some rotations it’s balanced. It also helps against slight unbalanced wheels but if you use counter balance weights it’s a must to apply them before the slime.

I’m not sure how long the slime lasts but I would say at least 1-2 years. If the board is not used for some months the slime gets a bit crumbly.


People ride the Chinese rubber in sixshooters and never seem to have issues with flats. Maybe I should say rarely has flats. I have the TB wheels and also the sixshooters rubber which I can feel is thicker. Don’t they fit on the bergs? Maybe that could be another solution to these crazy amount of flats.


The 6x2 tires are rad. You can ride them flat too(never had a puncture, just forgot to pump :laughing: ). :smiley:

They fit on berg rims no problem.


Yep, these are the best tires hands down. And for the price of $4 for tire+tube it’s crazy inexpensive. I haven’t refilled air in mine in 600km.

@Murloc992, can I see your enclosure? How did you make that?


I watched this on youtube last week myth busted…

Standard Pav. That’s not slime… his videos are getting worse and worse by the hour.


Yeah in my mountain bike days it was a gel you put in your tires. Did you get scammed on ebay I think so.

Slime is just a brand, he’s using the film protectors there because he’s googled “Slime to prevent punctures” and bought the first thing he found on amazon. Then gone on to review it like a chump.


I am using slime and tire liners. No flats so far. Btw are you using rubber rings to protect the valves? That’s a common cause of air loss.

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do you guys think pneumatics + slime is better?
or dickyho airless wheels?

Pneumatics for the win, they are in a completely different ballpark



After using Slime I’ve never worried about flats anymore, ridding on the same kind of terrain