Webstore (serious)

What’s the build?

LSSS with finality


What size wheels do you have there?

I am waiting to see your 100mph

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How much stuff do I need to buy to gain access to your secret stash :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Lotalty rewards program :eyes:

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Bro! You don’t even ride street tho, “I want an off road build😭” is all I ever hear from you


You right

Forests are better than paved roads, can’t change my mind

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Wanted to share this ridelog and blurry davega picture of our own @Sk8tedad

Partial ride log due to metr disconnects

But we can see in this log motors hit 102c!!!

He has been pushing them this hard for about 4 months now, 20-30 mile rides and the motors are just EATING UP THE MILES! Also the madman hit 50mph on this ride…insane

The set up is

12s8p p42a
Stormcore 60D+ on a heat sink
SKP 6385 173kv motor
3Ds Mini AT GD 1:3 ratio
6” tires

45 battery amps
100 motor amps


give me the big wheels and nobody gets hurt

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Actually… hold that thought…cause maybe I’ll have something for you :eyes:


Ha i was half kidding but id totally use em.
Theyre bigger than my airless o.e
I actually might need a lil peli-pack soon(ratchet strap that bitch on whatever tf i wanna ride that day); but funds are a bit tight this time of year so ive been putting it off hahahahha. Not that im complaining, fuck working at the beach from now til september.

If you want to send them it would be appreciated. :joy: I still have a little bit of a wobble I have been working out.

Same question but for me. :joy:

Too fast

Haha let me find these black ones that I misplaced and I’ll send the raw ones your way! Sorry bout that.

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Are these motors similar to the radium ones? I see the mesh intakes…

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They are almost identical. The only difs as far as I am aware of are the red motor wires, red bearing seat and my motors have a higher temp rated magnet


:joy: not a big deal but if you have em I’ll take em.


The average ride from @PJgoes

Motors are legitimately killing it, temps stay on the low side even on long rides charging up hills

Board is in for service…stormcore is a little fatigued I feel

About 500 miles on this board at the moment

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