SKP Esk8 100mph build


Ooh, if that was a serious offer I want a shot too, I got a full motorcycle race suit and an airport next to my house


That’s not it, right? Did it get deck swapped?

Edit: OH THAT IS IT. Nevermind, I rescind my request, put that on a lacroix deck or the tomiboi you had further up in the thread, and I’ll do it but I’m not going for the WR on a deck where my toes hang over the edge lol.

This is the tomiboi deck. It’s super comfy to stand on and feels like it is meant to go fast.


Yeah, it looks like a nice deck but I just personal preference I guess, I like really wide and long decks. I mean this one, looks like that one is a drop instead of whatever the word for this one is where there is an integrated angle, and it looks much bigger (maybe its just camera pics) I will say that is probably better for speed technically because of the fact you can get it to what looks like 0* steering angle. Even this one is about 6cm narrower than my deck though.

The board looks better in person(like it’s doing 30 sitting still)hell the whole garage is like wonka’s candy factory. Every time I go I have to remember I can only ride one board and I’m not quite using 100%of it


Needs bindings .my board ha the tomiboi springs. I go back and forth, Artem will give me a loaner because I did something stupid. The loaner is awesome and has no bindings, I decide I don’t need them. Then I get my board back. Btw you can get out of them . I crashed at 43 mph when a car u turned on a corner of a 35% hill.

Here is the thing,I go faster with them, I have been able to PANIC break in a way I can’t do with out them, you can bunny hop if you must and if you are 49 going on 12 you can( but don’t) lean back,launch the board and either wheelie it or loop it. I have hurt myself trying to get Artem video of this,so far nothing ( so it didn’t happen,I wish the bruise on my hip didn’t happen too)

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Same width :fire::fire::eyes: our friend here just has real long feets