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Skid Mark | Subsonic Century | Avio Gear Drive | 6374 220kv | Unity | 12s4p 40T | Haggy Bergs

I’m sure you all have seen some pictures floating around so it’s about time I drop a few details about the board!
The final result:

The details:
Well, first off, this beauty has been in the making for the past several months. It all started with my adoration of the Evo shape and ability. But I like to do things a little different or prefer to take the road less travelled. So when I saw that @eboosted had crafted up a beautiful enclosure for the @Subsonic_Paul Century 40 I had to jump on the opportunity!
Here it goes

The Deck & Enclosure
-Subsonic Century 40
-Eboosted Century 40 FG Enclosure
Now that I knew which deck that I wanted to go with I contacted Paul to start the customization process. First order of business was addressing truck mounting holes. I didn’t care for the additional 0° holes that come drilled in the drop portion leading to the tail so we omitted those from the design. Next in order to keep this build as clean as possible we drilled only 1 set of holes front & rear. For the rear we went with 2 1/8” bolt spacing pushed as far back as possible to maximize clearance for forward mounting motors. The front retained the standard 2 1/2” bolt spacing.
When it comes to the stain inspiration I didn’t have to look further than my love for all things Black and Orange!

The dancing bear approves!
I liked the standard fade design that comes on the factory century, but wanted to fill in the middle and also add some stain to the rails. Problem is, I was a little unclear with my request and this is what arrived in the mail

Oops! I ended up with a bare streak down the middle that wasn’t what I had envisioned. Upon sharing some images with friends, @CiscoV was generous enough to volunteer his opinion and named my baby “Skid Mark”. I took this as some motivation to build the most beautiful board I could and endeared myself to the name.
Reached out to Paul and Anne at Subsonic voicing my issues with the stain job and they worked tirelessly with me to make sure we could get things squared away and that the board would be everything I wanted it to be. The board now having travelled up and down the west coast a couple of times, it is finally back and everything I had ever hope for! Absolutely flawless work on Subsonic’s part.

As you can see, the top was left unsealed. “Why?” you ask, because I wanted to add a little touch of my own in the way of some epoxy/frit. I could not bring myself to griptape over this amazing stain job. Here are a few pictures from the process:

Oh wait, not done with the deck yet. Still have an enclosure to mount! Started with masking off the rails and evenly spacing 5 points for enclosure bolts. Once the enclosure was tapped with holes I went ahead and strapped it to the deck with copious amounts of painters tape. Drilled ever so slightly into the deck, starting at corners, bolted it up and then moved on to the rest of the lot. Here are a few pictures from that process:

Still wondering how I didn’t screw it up. I guess the skate gods were looking out for me that day!

-12s4p Samsung 40T
-Bestech D140 (charge only)
-Fused charge port
Now for the Battery. This being my first pneumatic build I was already dreading the impending range hit in addition to me just being hungry for current. Having admired the specs on Samsung’s 40T cells for quite some time and now faced with plenty of space. The choice was had to build a 12s4p flat pack to slip right into this beautiful enclosure. I decided to use 0.15x10mm nickel strip cut into un-trimmed tabs (with the additional width of the 21700 cell I don’t see any risk) for the P-Group assemblies and then utilized flat copper braid for the series connections as this is a rigid pack.

Still being pretty green to battery building and just knowing that sometimes we miss things I went ahead and put the battery through a few cycles on the bench to make sure the BMS was all bueno and that the cells would stay in balance. I did this with an electric load purchased off of amazon. Thanks for the tip @thisguyhere!

Drivetrain + Wheels
-Maytech 6374 220kv
-Avio Gear Drive
-Kahua Trucks
-Haggy Bergmeister wheels
So sticking with the orange theme it was obvious that I had to run a Unity in this board. Ok that’s a slight bending of the truth. I was fortunate enough to get in on the Easter sale and the lovely 5 month wait that came after it. That may be a slight exaggeration but it was so long that I didn’t keep track. Either way, the Unity finally came and it was time to slap things together!
The orange Haggy wheels were an obvious choice for this build. I just have to say @haggyboard.timo is an absolute joy to work with and saying he has excellent customer service is still an understatement! I had my wheels in three days from Taiwan. Couldn’t be happier.
I knew that for sometime I wanted to experiment with gear drive and saw that @Avio had come out with some made for the Kahua trucks. Jumped in on that and got the trucks when I ordered the wheels. Assembly of the gear drives was super straight forward thanks to an instructional video Jeff uploaded to YouTube.
The only problem I saw with the Avio drive was that it wouldn’t feed my need for speed with anything less than 220kv motors. Luckily, I had a box of these sitting in the office so I trimmed the shafts a little bit to ensure compatibility with the gear case and slapped them on. This gets me a top speed around 37-38mph with kickass acceleration thanks to the 40T batteries.
Here are some assembly photos. Oh yeah also got some Cal II 50° baseplates to swap the Kahua hangers on to. Advised by @RipTideSports regarding shapes and duros this got paired up with Riptide err thang! Super nimble yet stable setup.

With everything finally prepared it is now time to start piecing this beautiful puzzle all together

Decided to Velcro mount/suspend everything from the deck mainly because that’s how I’ve done things up until this point and haven’t had any inside enclosure failures to date. Although, I’m sure this tank of an enclosure would have no issue supporting the components.
At first I was going to run phase and sensor wires under the enclosure seal but decided to drill and run through a grommet for a more professional appearance.

Shameless color matched accessories
-Orange stained Hoyt Puck remote
-Orange Riptide tunnel riser
Around the time I was sourcing parts for this build I discovered @JJHoyt with Hoyt boards had started custom staining their ever-popular puck remote. I already had a puck and knew that I loved it so if 1 is good… 2 is better! Right?! I thought so.

Acquired later:
New Olders carbon & some killer riding kicks

Final Results:

I think Inspector Lou-Dog approves! Thank dog, I’ve come too far.

After finishing this build I had less than a week to test and work out the kinks before the Streets of Lancaster race in SoCal. So I hit the road hard and heavy racking up about 100 miles in 6 days. That’s when disaster struck! I had a motor failure 16 hours before I was supposed to hit the road for Lancaster. I had to rip everything apart, cut another motor axle and redo soldered adapters along with the pain in the ass yet pretty cable sleeves.

Got all that buttoned up and was off to the races!!

Not only did the board perform great. But I didn’t have a single issue all weekend and it shattered my expectations on the track! What it lacked in top end it totally made up for in maneuvering and acceleration finishing only behind the likes of @MoeStooge Race-boards and @Arzamenable’s crazy 4wd beast during our heat race Saturday night. Unfortunately I was unable to stay for the finals which would have been the true test with a couple of additional laps tacked on.

Video during the start of race:

All in all I couldn’t be happier with this build and love it how she sits. Wouldn’t change a thing!
Thanks for reading! And if you made it this far… I love you :kissing_heart:


Love to see the full build thread buddy, it’s been a fun experience watching you complete this. You’re without a doubt the best builder we have in the bay.

And yes both the board and the builder look even better in person :heart_eyes:


That drivetrain is so tidy.

Whole board looks excellent, nice work.


Just for you @Kellag
Pleasure riding with ya buddy


This is by far the nicest skidmark I’ve ever seen. Beautiful work man, love the color scheme. :jack_o_lantern:


so many boners, BEAUTIFUL BUILD :clap::clap::clap:


OMG!!! This machine is pure sex, a real pleasure to watch the build comming along.

I’m so glad you liked the enclosure and feel honored to be used on this build.

Congrats, I’m going to start doing this glass frit on all my boards


Thats a build an a half and yes I have been seeing sneaky pics of it for a bit and wondered when you were going to do a thread.

Beautiful fit and finish. Lovely design and I want it so all in all,

wonderful job.


This is a work art! Probably might favorite build and has the performance to back it up! Good job bro :+1:


This is a beautiful board. Do we really need to keep stroking his ego?


:joy: thank you Mr. not Steve. I appreciate each and every stroke from all of you. :call_me_hand:


Yes. Please continue stroking.


You’re not even Steve ffs.


Great attention to detail bud. Super clean and in a color not often done. I’ll take it.


One of my favourite builds for sure.


Such an amazing build!


Now that’s a clean century build. :grin: I can’t wait to source 220KV motors for mine!


You’ve got some awfully beautiful Century’s yourself! :call_me_hand:


How do the kahuas ride?

They ride fantastic! I never had to question them as I was running around that race track even when fully pinned. As good as they are I have a little upgrade cooking in the oven (CNC version) :shushing_face: