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Show (and name/link) your connectors!

What connectors do you use?

Also, anyone know of a 160A three wire or 320A six wire compact quick disconnect variant?

I’ve only used XT90 and MT60 variants, but considering XT150 if I can’t find anything better or easier to work with.

MR60 for the win, for unsensored motor connections. (I don’t recommend sensors, either)

60A continuous per wire, 120A peak for a few seconds


I second this. these connectors are great.


I always mess up the order of the 3 wires
At least bullets connector ive you flexibility, and bi chunky connector rigidifies the electronics…


MT60 just as good?

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I guess, but it’s harder for me to work with.


I need to order these next time I get to buy Connectors.
Is there a 3d printable panel mount for them yet?

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Sure is. You can download it from your local auto parts store. Make sure you pick the file called “8265-S”



Awesome thanks guys! So nobody uses anything else?

I’m looking for something that’s secure enough, but will be plugged in and out with every ride.

Guess I can fashion a handle around it of sorts out of JB Weld or Pratley Steel if I have no other choice.

Why do you need to unplug your phase wires every ride?

Sorry for a bit of a necro, but I was trying to get some more MR60 connectors and it seems like the current rating for the pins is only 30A and the casing is rated for 60A?


I’ve been running 180A through two of them motor side, so 90A per. Keep in mind that if it’s not constant current, going higher is fine, hence the prolific use for phase leads.

They used to have english on the site… Looks like specs are 20A per pin continuous.

Anyone have suggestions for a waterproof 7 pin connector I could use for my balance leads?