Ship Of Theseus - How has your board evolved?

It’s interesting how things evolve. I break a lot of things, so my builds are constantly changing. Most of the time its just one part that gets swapped out for another, and the build stays mostly the same…

But having just completed a rebuild that ended up combining two boards into one, i’ve realised that I have only retained a single part from the original iteration of this build.

This board started life as NimbleStiff, a unique and super fun board to ride, but destined for failure due to questionable choices made.

Here we are now… the only part that remains from the original build is the carbon fibre antisink plate at the front :rofl:

Of course, this wouldn’t qualify as a Ship of Theseus if it jumped straight from the first to the last iteration, but there was much fuckery in between and so in my mind, it most certainly fits the bill.

I’m curious who else out there has similar builds that have drastically changed since their original iteration… show us ya ships!


Kaly carver from @kevingraehl

Replaced every single part :joy:


So this board

@hoytkid and I fucked up the battery, so it sat for a year. I got the bright idea of throwing a zealot drivetrain onto there and then this happened

So now I’m thinking of doing a 16s3p vanguard build :joy:

16s3p p42a
Makerx d75
BN drivetrain with m1 2.78 ratio


How it all started:

What it evolved into:


After completing the AT build, I decided that I needed a kick tail deck:

I found the tail on the Arbor downhill deck to be non functional so brought a small pool deck:

Unfortunately the wheel base was way too small, so I brought the Omakase:

5 years later, this is the current state of evolution:


I replaced every single component at least once (except the deck, which I will shortly too), some twice, motors thrice. Currently experimenting with rims, those are already like 6 genereations in. Will post pics when done.


Lol rkps on the pool deck looks ridiculous :rofl: how good is the omakase tho :ok_hand:

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This is a fun topic! More pls :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:




Yeh rkp on the pool deck did not work at all. Maybe if I used very hard bushings it would have helped. The deck is currently not being used. I’m not sure whether to sell it or buy some wide tkp trucks and 58mm wheels on it. The Omakase is excellent. I love having the tail to acid off and mount small curbs, and get round tight bends. Every time I’m on it it puts a massive smile on my face as it takes me back to how I felt when skating about as a kid. However, I miss riding on my 97mm abec 11. The 85mm orangatang’s really feels all the stones on our shitty Scottish roads.

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Initially inspired by @Yomiel94 (SkateMetrics Patriot build)

  • Up until recently i still used the original battery.

  • I do still use the same rear MBS truck

  • Only did 1 vesc Upgrade - from TB 4.12 to v6 Neoboxes.

  • If i didn’t get a set of Motor mounts to test I’d be still using the original set as well.

  • Still on the very first set of Wheel pulleys (they don’t want to die)

  • Still using the very first set of tubes i bought. Not a single flat or puncture!


What are they?

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@IDEA pulleys. Aluminium


Old board from 4 years ago, but has evolved several times, the main change is drives, trucks and wheels


I feel targeted.

I’m not sentimental, but I do roll on a board from 2016.


Let it all hang out brother!

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I think my favourite thing about the evolution of my boards is that they inevitably get more trashy. I prefer the look of my frankenstein 5th evolution boards than i do the original vision.


I evolve my boards only to test new parts…

I don’t build a new board every time because I would probably have too many, I prefer to modify the existing ones :slight_smile:


My board has changed quite a bit since I first put it together.

Next iteration is going to be adding 7" tires if I can and after that possibly switching over to rockstar 2 hubs and a 72t pulley to see if I can get some more torque out of the thing. 15:44 ratio on 190kv motors is a bit lacking in that department.


Still original tubes too :sunglasses:

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