Serious QC issues on the new Flipsky 6374 170KV

Not that active in here so sorry if this has already been pointed out, but I ordered 2 motors from them and had 2 from a friend for my board.

Wanted to check them before using them good thing i did, else i would have eaten shit very quickly

So to sum up the issues I’m seeing with 2/4 of the motors I took apart:
They only put glue in a few spots to strengthen the magnets.
One motor has more spacers then the other, (4 on one and 2 on the other)
They filled the top with epoxy over the wires, but they used too much so the can was stuck on it and is now scraping on it (Look at the marks)

Few other issues, one of the shafts were a bit crooked but very minimal useable but would ruin the bearings or shaft very quickly.

It’s a cheap motor, but not acceptable that 2/4 motors aren’t up to a standard.

All motors are from the newest batch, ordered a little over a week ago.


Well that’s bad since I am about to order 4 pcs in group buy from this forum.

Ours should be hopefully better since those will be somewhat battle hardened… But still…

@Anubis can we show this to flipsky saying how not to make them for us :joy::joy:

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Bro you got fucked over. Those are test batch motors, there is no epoxy on those at all only balancing compound.

Edit: They changed the magnets in the newer one too. Not sure why they’d send those with any preposition that they’re epoxied, are you sure you ordered the right thing? Where did you buy from exactly?


Yep, im fairly sure, we are two different people who ordered them both pairs are simular the others just dont have the issues but look exactly the same on the inside so its not just a one off. (I ordered 3 days after him)

They are all ordered from flipsky website.


Yea I see what might be going on. Flipsky are peddling off the test batch before selling off the motors with the actual finalised design. The reviews on the product are abysmal too, without anything holding in the magnets it looks like people are having issues pretty quickly. They did the same thing with the VX1, and the VX2, AND their antispark. Sent out a crappy version until they got feedback and fixed the issues. Get a refund


Funny thing, the VX1 i got from them was totally fucked on the inside.
Battery wire loose, and the entire battery just flooping around inside the case.

And dont think ill be able to get a refund, gotta ship it all back and that costs more then the motors. (I had to last time)


Maybe if you battle-hardened them yourself it might fix them, flipsky has a shitty reputation for a reason. Before being a vendor I’d never buy from them directly, the warranty from resellers is usually worth the small savings you get.

The original 250mah vx1 was garbage, cheap pot, crappy charging circuit that failed after a few cycles, poor construction quality and QC. Buying first gen of a product unfortunately often means you’re an alpha tester, even from other brands.


My old VX1 never gave me issues, had it since release.

Honestly dont care much about warranty myself, build boards since 2015 ish so at the point where i can fix anything myself.

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Got another one to take his apart, looks exactly the same on the inside but missing all epoxy over the wires.

So theres a massive difference on these motors shipment from shipment, weird qc they have.


Oh my gosh the motors are built like poo,

Exposed wire for the halls, the black one is… idk even know anymore and theres a huge solder ball in there??? Wat

Wheres the red wire lol


That blue stuff is actually to balance the can, it’s not to hold the magnets in. The difference in spacer amounts is result of a similar tuning. Those are both good things.

But the rest of this is unfortunate to hear.


Why the fuck do people insist on buying this shit? #fuckflipsky


Theres also some epoxy resin in between a few of the magnets as well as the blue stuff.

But its only on a few and very hard to spot.

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:arrow_up: this.

Buy from trusted local esk8 vendors and let them sort out quality control issues :slight_smile: The extra cost is well-spent, and they also offer actual customer service. Just think about the few extra bones you saved while you’re riding and if you’re about to eat street now because of that.


eh, the OG test prototypes Im using have been going forever in my build.

I guess I just dont ride that hard?

Installing the hall sensors was a pain in the ass.
(They didnt come with hall sensors)
(Im the source of all the pictures of the motors seen in other threads).

The only really good vendor around here shut their doors a while ago :confused: Most of the others dont have anything in stock wanted the maytech sealed motors for my build, but either it was 200USD each and like 30USD shipping or wait few months.

Really miss Unikboards, such a shame.


Looks like the halls on these were an afterthought as well.


I fought with Flipsky to get a refund on my ESC’s for so long and I haven’t succeeded. I only had problems with their products like one side of a dual 6.6 not working or getting a smaller battery in a VX1 than friend that ordered 2 days after me. Anyways what I’m trying to say is that you won’t get a refund… they will only “fix” it when you send it back. Never heard about a refund from them.

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Nah, the issue is a combination of the convex magnets and maximizing stator size, the hall sensors dont work properly unless they go into the stator or the can is offset. The installation looks fine to me, there’s an epoxy coating over the solder terminals.
I do wish they clipped the solder terminals flush before doing that, like on TB motors.

But yeah, they couldve done a much better job, but :man_shrugging:

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If you know how to formulate yourself on a paypal case its pretty easy to get a refund there.