[Closed] [Global] Flipsky 6374 Motors & 2020 200A Enhanced Antispark

Closer to the time of delivery ill update them.

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out of interest how many motors have been signed up for

i was told if we can get 50+ motors the price per could go down by a couple $

The order is already placed for 50. So i dont think the price will change, its the shipping that makes it expensive, at the moment to me it costs more than it will to everyone else. Its also likely going to be a pretty random customs bill because you cant just declare 1$ value on such a massive motor


Thank you, I’ve filled the for for two.

but i guess customs can be declared at like 500$ which means 10$ a guy

why would shipping cost you more then everyone else

eitherway 60$ for this motor is amazing

I am sure @Anubis is going to make sure the motors will be perfect but I am following this post now out of interest:


No 60$ motor should be expected to be perfect… They are cheap for a reason.

I am in for a 4 pcs. But my expectations are not unreal. So I could be only positively surprised.

Me too. From what I can see the issues from those motors have been solved, but I’ll pull the order if people with epoxied motors chip in with similar issues


Well yeah, Flipsky “perfect” :grimacing:

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I would hold off till they fix this QC issues. The A/S it’s rock solid. @Gamer43 knows his shit. It’s the first A/S I would trust in my builds.

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If possible put me in for a set off black 10mm ones.

And if it is possible to get a receiver for the vx2 pro let me know. I killed mine :sweat_smile:

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Flipsky won’t sell/give out receivers for either remote so you have to go to them directly and ask for 1 :frowning:

As there will only be a few 10mm ones, those who order them are at the mercy of not being in the custom run i’m having done with the 8mm axles and black cans. I might also cancel the 10mm ones anyway because if they happen to send the old design it won’t have been worth it.


Aww damn, how much is a new remote?

Its not a QC issue, he got sent in practise a different motor to what is being ordered here.
image (no epoxy pooling in the bottom, epoxy holding the magnets, different shaft design)



I will confirm that the changes will be in place with my flipsky rep but they’ve already let me know the order will be in its own batch.


Are they available in black?

Everything written in the first post.


As in the image, black ends and a silver body.

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Give me a shout tomorrow. I think I have a spare one.

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Sorry didn’t see the updated version

I´m in for two motors and an antispark. Filled in the form :slight_smile: