Selling HTD5M 14T 15T 16T 17T 18T 20T Steel Motor Pulley and Rubber Belts for Electric Skateboard with Factory Price from Chengdu, China

Hi everyone, I’m Angela from China. We specialize in manufacturing power transmission parts for over 20 years. We can manufacture and supply wheel drive pulley, steel or aluminum HTD5M motor pulley, timing belts, screws, motor mount, bushing for electric skateboards. We’re manufacturer, so our price is very good.

Here I attached some motor pulleys and belts we supplied to our customers with our price.

Steel motor pulley
**HTD5M 15T MOQ: 50-100 pcs **:
Unit Price: 1.6-2.5 USD/PCS:
HTD5M 16T MOQ: 50-100 pcs Unit Price: 1.7-2.6 USD/PCS

HTD5M 17T MOQ: 50-100 pcs Unit Price: 1.89-2.69 USD/PCS

Rubber Belt

HTD5M-255 320 400 Width:15mm MOQ: 50-100 pcs Unit Price: 1.0-1.5 USD/pcs

I will update our price here frequently. If you want to know some other parts, you can also let me know.

The above price is without shipping fee. We normally ship by FedEx and can get special discount for shipping from them. The mini quantity is 50 pcs to reduce the shipping cost. If you want to know the shipping cost, just let me know your country and post code. I can give you an estimated price.


20mm pulleys and belts available?

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Hi Skunk, they’re available. Normally we have belts in stock, but not pulleys. Our workshop is manufacturing a batch HTD5M pulleys for our customers now. How many you pcs respectively you want?


None atm. Was just curious.
The qualities make it difficult.
I Would need to find people to share with that need same thing.
@kevingraehl likes buys things in large quantities it seems lol

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No problem. The price is good, only in large quantity. We nornally suppy these parts to distributors. Anytime you need them just let me know.


Can we have a motor mount picture?

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The MOQ is pretty high for most individuals, I’d imagine there needs to be a group buy, I’d consider running one for the US if anyone is interested?


I’d be down for 4 of the steel 17T 8mm⌀ 15mm with 3mm keyway, if an MOQ is reached.

Shipping from US to US would probably run around $4.60 for USPS First Class Package

Make a thread and let’s find out LoL.z

17T is hard to find in North America. @Anubis has them across the pond. Metroboard has them but only in 10mm bore and 18mm wide with no keyway.

Anything else I’d prefer to just buy as-needed from local vendors though


shipping UK to US on the pulleys is like $6 tho


LoL but it allows temporal flexibility – aka I can wait until I need them right now, then buy them. Because they are an in-stock item :rofl:

Group buys can definitely be good things but they do not offer temporal flexibility. It’s usually a one-shot and done.

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Our customers are normally distributors. I know the MOQ is high for individuals. The shipping cost from China to U.S.A. for 0.5 kg package is around 21 usd. If we only ship a few pieces, it will make the cost of the pulley and belts much higher. Besides the shipping cost, the labor cost for production is also a problem for us, if we can’t make in large quantity. So yes, I think group buy is a good idea.
We don’t sell at retail. I just want to try my luck here.


@b264 The above shipping cost is the best discount we can get from FedEx. And the shipping period is around 3-5 working days.

50 pulleys weighs more like 3kg+.

What’s the total for 50x 17T pulleys w/ 3mm keyways and keys shipped stateside? Say to 90210.

Also, I don’t see any grub screws, so these would have to be held on by loctite and/or a c-clip (and an accommodating motor shaft).

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@b264 @A13XR3 I wouldn’t mind listing these on my shop and distributing them. I bet there would be quite a bit of interest. Although most would be interested in the different teeth counts, and it would suck to have to buy 4 different versions.


That express shipping cost seems way too high.

maybe that is for the minimum? So for like 3kg it is a bit better.


I think the other ones are already available from Torqueboards and other places though. 17T is suspiciously missing, and I’ve needed it a couple times. Specifically that size.


@RyEnd We estimated 50 pcs of steel HTD5M pulleys is around 6kg including the package, so the shipping cost for 6kg package is around 86.7 USD to the place with this post code (90210).
And the product cost for HTD5M 17T with 3mm keyways and two screws is 1.85 usd/pcs.

So the door to door cost for 50 pcs of pulley is around 3.584 usd/pcs (CIF [California])

You can see the screws and keyways in the drawing I attached.
We can make the keyway, bore and screw holes according to your requirements.


I actually wouldn’t mind slapping 17s on my current build. And yea I haven’t seen 17s anywhere.

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why is no one really talking about the belts like wtf they’re 1 to 1.5 USD usually they’re more like 10$/belt I know that we don’t really know if they’re good quality / if they’ll last long enough but it would be worth trying

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The problem is there are about 300 different belt types we use so nobody wants so stock that many

Edit: actually it’s about 100 or so different types, but still that’s an ass load of belts